Yosemite Clearance

I’m very keen to upgrade to macs new OS Yosemite as I have new apps that need it but still waiting for Steinberg clearance. Can any admin guys give an indication of when that will be? As it seems to be taking a long time.
Many Thanks John

Same here. Can someone at least give a timeframe of when that might harm?

I have never seen an answer to questions about the time frame for an update. It’s the nature of the beast that until the troubleshooting and coding is finished, tested and finally pushed out, it’s impossible to say.

we are all waiting a perfect match and compatibility with Mavericks why you want push the poor guys to Yosemite?

Is there any information when cubase will be compatible with Yosemite.
All is ready, samples are transferred, wavelab 8.5.20 runs for mastering…
All have made their home works…:wink:
So I am asking:
Can you at least give us an approx. time window for a cubase update or cubase 8.0 release date?

Aloha c,

In normal situations I would say that Steiny would say no!

However they did give us a date for WL/Yosemite compatibility
and they stuck to it. Go Steiny!

So never say never. Perhaps they will give us a hint soon.
Fingers crossed.

Good Luck!

I would have thought that with Mavericks and Yosemite that Steinberg would be looking at beta versions abreast of the main release? I did have Mavericks and didn’t like it so for the first time ever I went back to and older OS namely Mountain Lion which to my mind is very solid. Belive me Its not a case of pushing people on its just that I have updated apps which simply will not work on mountain lion so with great trepidation I feel its time to move on.


time and tide wait for no man…
2 months after the official release of yosemite we might expect at least an update…

Or do we want historical programs? :wink:

Elsewhere on the forum a moderator has said 7.5.4 is in the works… release date unknown - but I imagine Yosemite will be supported by that update… Hopefully prior to Christmas

Great would be good!

…in the meantime I will take a look on Logic Pro X…
They are telling a lot…

They really should have 7.5.4 in work, otherwise they would be not professional. :smiley:
They should have 8.0 in work too…

Perhaps it will be the same, perhaps not…when to put the release date is always a matter of taste and marketing.
Programmer are never satisfied :wink:

Hi Folks

Call me a devil, but I have updated to Yosemite (10.10.1) and for me Cubase 7.5 runs just fine on a late 2013 iMac 2.7 with 8 GB RAM. This system has Halion 5, Groove Agent 4 and EZ Drummer2 installed as well as Alchemy from Camel Audio.
I am not suggesting anyone does this of course until Sternberg give the nod, just forwarding my experience.
As with all these things it will I am sure depend on hardware, software combinations to be stable and in fairness I only purchased the iMac a couple of months ago so essentially Cubase is the only major application running here on what is a pretty clean system.


Aloha D,

Great to read. Tanx and Good luck!

I have a dualboot machine on my desktop hackintosh. Yosemite and Mavericks.
Cubase seems to crash more often on Yosemite than mavericks. I don’t remember the last time cubase crashed on my Mavericks but in 1week of Yosemite it crashed at least 5 times.

Same goes for my Macbook pro. I updated it to Yosemite and Cubase AI 7 and Cubase 7 Both crash more often (I still can work, but it’s not as safe as mavericks).

I would wait to update to Yosemite on a production machine.

Not sure if this issue is already known…

I’m running Cubase 7.5 on Mac OSX Yosemite and some VST plugins have problems when thier window is closed. The window doesn’t close and the window content goes black. The window cannot be closed and stays on the screen. This happens with XLN Addictive Drums 2 Demo and AAS Chromaphone.

Hi i just purchased iMac 27 i7 1T fusion drive 16 GB ram with inside pre-installed Mac Os YOSEMITE.
I bought Cubase 7 to install. I downloaded the installer tool for Yosemite. I would then like to update to Cubase 7.5
Is anyone there that can give me some tips on how to procede?
Thanks Giovanni

Using a Mac Pro (Late’13) with Yosemite I had Cubase 7.5.30 runing normaly when all of sudden (after installing a plug in), it can’t open anymore.
Is this expected ?
If yes…do we know anything about Cubase 7.6 (Yosemite compatible) ?
Thanx to anyone answering.

An update on the above:
I installed the cubase ( which was actually 7.5) using the installer tool for Yosemite that Sternberg provide on the site.
Everything went smooth and fine. I also installed the Halion Se trial.
Now i don’t know if update to 7.5.30
Shuold I?.. or is better to wait future releases from Steinberg ( maybe thought for Yosemite)?
Just a funny thing: when I tried to register it says not existing account…don’t know how to solve it
Thanks for any suggestion that will come

Thanks for the info Dave-its made me more impatient to update lol. I have a mid 2011 iMac so not sure how it will cope with yosemite. I may give it till the middle of December-hopefully we will get some info from Steinberg :slight_smile: