Your system fingerprint is not valid anymore

When opening newly installed cubase, it says that your system fingerprint is not valid anymore… bla bla bla and eLicenser software does not work now. Why is that? Cuabse is launching after pressing OK on this message. Why this happened and how can i recover this ?>

it’s an old thread but maybe it still helps?

click on the line that says “SOLVED: System finger print …” in my post above - it is a link

Thank you Nico5 and Means that there’s no fix for that? any one knows the reason for that?

did you scroll down to see the answers to the original question?

it seems like the solution in that other forum thread is to use something called the eLCC Helper software. And then a quick Google for “eCC Helper Software” returns the following page as the top result:

run the elicencer software as administrator - IIRC this fixes it

This message comes when starting Cubase Software, That’s what im asking.

reinstall elicencer software and run it as administrator

very helpful , ideed !!! ??? its a dead link ! The troubel and freeze and all kinds of shit is constandtly growing. But, noe real help is found !