ZeroGravity disappeared

After activating the voucher, when switching to a new licensing system, Padshop does not find ZeroGravity. And in eLicenser and in the account, the status is indicated as:
Deleted Zero Gravity (Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing).
Activation status:Product activated
If someone has encountered this problem, tell me, what could be the reason?

I don’t know, but did you run the Activation Manager?

Yes, sure. In the activation manager, everything is OK!

unfortunately it’s a known issue:

(there are some more posts about it if you search - quite a few products are affected)

as per the knowlegebase article linked - Cubase 11 mediabay isn’t aware of the ‘new’ Steinberg Activation Manager and because your elicencer one is now ‘deleted’ it thinks it’s unlicensed.

Might be worth trying to email support (good luck with that!) as per the knowledgebase article, they might issue you a new elicenser license ?

It’s very unclear to me who thought that DELETING licences when they are moved to the SAM system was a good idea ? This was bound to happen.

Since the support article refers to new purchases and DACs, I thought I would ask if you are on the latest version of Padshop, which is

As per the support article:

Padshop 2
(snip) does not have their own MediaBay browser to make the content accessible, and thus no workaround is available

until/if SB put in a content browser like Halion/GA5 then it’s not going to work. Cubase 11 ignores SAM and thinks the content is unlicensed so won’t show it.

Easy to test for yourself if you have the licences and Cubase/ Nuendo 11

Obviously works fine in Cubase/Nuendo 12 and Steinberg’s current ‘workaround’ is to update to v12

For full compatibility, an update to Cubase/Nuendo 12 is recommended.

Can you confirm whether you have you verified this first hand?

Please see this helpcenter article:

In this case, downloading the Cubase pro 12 trial and using that in the meantime would be a temporary workaround while the issue waits to be sorted, or the license owner receives a response from support.

I can’t test this, since my license to Padshop and ZeroGravity are part of Absolute 5, still on the Elicenser.

Thank you all for your participation! In general, the problem is understandable. I purchased a license to Cubase12, but planned to update later.
The main thing is that if I understand correctly, after updating to Cubase 12, Zero will return.
Good luck to everyone!

Yes it will.