Zoom Horizontally - Disable Re-Centering

Hey, is there a way to not have the Window recenter to the Play-Cursor when zooming in or out via the Keyboard.

Basically I would like to have the same Zoom Behaviour with the Keyboard that is happening with the Mouse, just zooming in at the current Window without moving the Location so the Play Cursor is in the Center.

Thanks for your help! :bulb:

Hi there,
i have requested that over here:


maybe we might find someone from steinberg actually reading this :wink:!


Thanks, is there any known Workaround for this?
Having the Window recentering to the playcursor is quite annoying when doing lots of edits.

exactlly … coming from PT your just feel so much slower, because of the unwanted slide of the edit arrage window…
I don’t know any workaround so far - actually things like that still let me go back to PT for the moment…
I don’t see any use of the current concept - when i need to zoom, it’s because i want to see the part i’m edititng closer, not the part of the playhead miles away :wink:!!

Again, that is VERY IMPORTANT to be able to select the behavior of the ZOOM FOCUS!



Just voicing my support for this. It’s one reason I never bothered with this zoom function.