Zoom r16 and cubase as a DAW control

So I’m a pro tools teacher so Cubase is new to me. I just bought a used zoom r16 to play around at home and PT isn’t a fan. So I had a Cubase LE Elements download from some hardware I ordered a year ago. I have my R16 interfaced and showing audio, but all things say I should be able to use the R16 as a true controller. I’m on a Mac so ASIO isn’t a thing but in my midi selection, my R16 isn’t an option.(although steinberg and zoom say select Mackie Control, which I’ve done, the midi I/O isn’t giving the R16 as an option) All drivers are up to date but cubase just doesn’t see it. Ideas?

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The R16 has to be present as MIDI Input. Please make sure the R16 driver is compatible with your macOS version. Can you see the R16 MIDI Port in the macOS Audio MIDI Setup utility?

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yes it is there. And is setup as the I/O for the sound card.
midisetup.pdf (85.3 KB)

cubase setup.pdf (83.4 KB)

USB interface is a different unit. Should say zoom on all the documentation i’ve read.


I can see the R16 as Audio Device only. Could you please open the MIDI Studio in the Audio MIDI Setup utility, to see, if R16 is there as a MIDI port? Is R16 shown as MIDI port in Cubase in Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup, please?

no it is not on that list.cubase midi port.pdf (114.4 KB)


Then Cubase cannot see the device, if the system doesn’t see it. What is the USB Interface, please?

The mac sees it as a midi device (sent earlier) and as an audio device I/O(sent earlier). Cubase sees it as an audio device but not as a midi controller. The documentation says to set the midi input to “mackie control” and select the r16-24 as a midi input. But it isn’t there to be selected. I am using a Zoom r16 interface.


When, where did you send it earlier, please? If you mean the midiisetup.pdf, these are bot MIDI devices, but Audio Devices only. If R16 is not the USB MIDI Interface, then the system doesn’t see it as a MIDI device.

The R16 is the USB interface. Audio from it is going to cubase fine. The cubase and r16 website say i should be able to use it as a DAW controller as well, so that the buttons and faders on the R16 will manipulate Cubase (play, stop, rewind, etc) Audio in isn’t the issue. Using it as a controller is the issue.

maybe i’m missunderstanding you, but the R16 is supposed to be able to be a midi controller according to the R16 manual. But i don’t know the setting in cubase to make it work.

Are the drivers compatible with your MacOS vers?10.15 or less?

yes. Drivers are up to date for 10.13 which is what I am running on this machine. As i said, audio is going in and out, just not the DAW control functions.

Presumably the driver combines the midi and audio functions, and Cubase just uses what it sees.

There’s one image you didn’t post which might or might not shed some light on this - Studio Setup>MIDI (you can drag an image file into your reply, please no sideways pdfs. My neck hurts. :laughing: )

whenever i try to share a screen shot it says i can’t. hence the sideways pdfs

also says i can’t share links. So the youtube video i found that says R16 and Cubase LE work as a control surface I can’t share either…for some reason. However the video doesn’t show me the full steps to make it work. I’ll keep trying to get screenshots to work the right way. stand by

ya I can’t drag and drop images in here. Not sure why but it’s frustrating as hell. Nor can i share links on the web i’ve found. Any thoughts on that

try now

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