"Zoom Selected Track" is called "Zoom Tracks Exclusive" in the key command window

EDIT: Just changed the title so others can find this easily.

Open any session.

If you look in the menu Edit → Zoom → Zoom Selected Track, this command exist here.
But it does not exist in the Key Command (as well as from the PLE pre/post).

There’s of course the “Zoom Tracks Exclusive” but what differs from (what I can tell) the other one is that “Zoom Selected Track” from the menu actually jumps to the track as well.

It would be nice to give this function a key command.

System: Macbook Pro M1 Max, MacOS 12.6.8, Nuendo 12.0.70.

Thanks in advance

Also there’s this topic discussing it:


It’s in the Zoom section and it’s named Zoom Tracks Exclusive.

You are right. They are indeed fully linked. Also with the key command. And haven’t figured out why it sometimes different behave, eg. focuses the selected track (gets it inside the view in case it’s not) and sometimes it doesn’t.

But I found a better way of focusing the selected track now anyway, which is renaming the selected track and then escape. Or with a macro, “Rename Selected Track” then “Focus → Back”.
This will center the track on screen.