1.1.60 - feature reqs

Hi! a few thoughts, feature-requests as spending more and more time with VST Live, that meight make us life easier:

  • Tempo track : build tempo and time (4/4, 2/4, etc) changes from imported MIDI, or WAV (of course only if wav contains tempo / signature nfo). At least the ability if exporting a tempo track from Cubase, it allows me import as Tempo track (VSTLive).
    Ability to build/update - after asking user - of tempo track from any imported midi/wav would be the most versatile and easy-to-use solution.

  • Song “end marker” visual feedback (vertical line with movable handle… dark-red, black, whatever colored line)

  • SMART snap option (besides to Bar, 1/4, 1/8, etc) with event detection

  • Allow global track to SEND (also allowing to write automation) signal to GROUP/AUX channels (instead of self contained FX). Say: global track SEND levels are set for each songs :slight_smile:
    (giving an example:
    Creating GBL track for a LeadVocal with inserted EQ, Comp, whatever. I just want to change SEND for the 2-4pcs of "globally used FX’s (e.g: reverb, dly) within the songs. Doing that without the need of
    necessary creating new and new STACKS for each song, having an “un-organised” FX bus usage. As we do it in studio: increase a SEND for a few words, etc… e.g.: Reverb GRP from LeadVocal…
    When playing live, sometimes enough to keep things simple and organised. With an overview of FX’s insterted for 2-4 GRPs, instead of loading a new STACK for each song. Of course it’s great to have the possibility to load new STACKS within songs, that gives amazing new possibilities).

  • Ability to control VSTLive via SmartphoneAPP, like: Play/Stop/NextSong/PrevSong icons, also some thin time-line on the bottom, where we are (or remaining time) would be lovely.

  • Notes editor: Color edit for background color also (there are now two icons in header. One is showing color, one is for clicking for new color. Maybe merging two things (let me click frame for new color additionally it shows actual color) could give the font-color and font-background btn functions to the same header spaceholders.

  • Improvement to the setlist editor, let me put together new setlist picking songs from some sort of pool. Now I can’t find solution within an opened project to create new “setlist-vX” that contains just a few songs while other playlist contains even less songs. Currently I reorder “unplayed” songs to the end of my setlist setlist in VSTLive.

… Import Tempo Track from a MIDI file is in the making. But not Tempo from WAVE file.

… yes, it’s already on the feature list.

… could you give please give me some more details. But don’t forget. VST Live does not want to be a full DAW.

… let me think about this one, please.

… already on the list. Yes, it’s needed.

… let me discuss it with the team.

… yes, we’ll improve the setlist editor.



Sure @Spork :slight_smile: “event detection” is the keyword. I don’t really see myself snapping to 1/4 or 1/8th, because I do such things on my DAW. Just want to enjoy snapping to start/end points of existing events in the timeline, quickly put together things for live. I call it “SMART snap” because it snaps selected snap divisions (e.g: bars) and to edges of events on timeline also.

Thank you very much dopping it to the team @Spork !
Also, if you have any other idea achieve the same please let me know, maybe I’m just thinking way too different about the same target.
I hope the explanation helped understand the idea, but here are some additional:

  • Having a digital mixer, there are 2-4 slots for “globally used” FX (REVs, DLYs) and sound engineer is adjusting SEND level for each songs for e.g. the singer.

  • Having a pedal gear I don’t know musician who is maintaining 40pcs of presets just to switch the same reverb, dly on/off. Just select from a small number of common FX busses and SEND signal to them.

That also helps maintain and fine-tune the same (common) 1-4pcs SEND FX inserts any time.

Sure @Spork, no problem! Let me explain it with a real life situation: I copy pasted a text, that had white background somehow… I couldn’t change it back to “nothing” (inside VST Live), because there isn’t btn for bg color.

Screenshot from “Mail app”, but it’s the same from the age of Word editors:
font-color-box | bg-color-box Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 15.02.08
Instead of 1box for color-feedback, 1box for color-picker, maybe the same 2 box placeholder for:
font-color and it’s
could be even better :slight_smile:

I feel sorry about writing so much, but I assure you the goal is to make VSTLive a great app without criticize the hard work behind a new application :smiling_face:

Trying to understand your idea, maybe you could use “VST Live terms” :slight_smile:

There is no such thing. There is a Global Part which can have Layers and Stacks (which then are global, of course).

Group Channels (which can be seen as “Fx Channels”) are globally available throughout an entire VST Live project.

As said, you can just add Group Channels for “common FX busses”. Then the remaining question is what you want to send from where, and how?

Hi @musicullum !

I’m sooo sorry, misstyping: not Global Track → Global Stack(s)

Correct “Group Channels” are working great in VST Live, just currently can’t set different or automated SEND levels there saved with Song/Part (jet).

Global Stacks → “LeadVocal GBL Strip” →
SEND → GroupChannel1 (FX BUS Global-REVERB)
SEND → GroupChannel2 (FX BUS Global-DELAY)

Until this point, VST Live is absolutely ready to do this :slight_smile:

But for now - as I see - it keeps the same level on SENDs where I leave them.

The great thing would be to able write automation, or at least save different SEND levels with SONG/PARTS changes.

Keep 1pcs of LeadVocal input container “ChannelStip” (as a GBL audio STACKs) and differented SEND levels to Group-FX-BUSses as Songs/Parts are changing as I play.

There are two options to do this for now: allow me SEND signal to GroupChannels (let me use a GroupChannel-FX1) and be able to save level or write-automation for each Songs on SEND level here (currently, only STACKs self-contained FX-1 | FX-2 are allowed):

Or let me save different levels / write automation on SEND level change for each Songs here:

Some easy way to save/automate different SEND levels / song-parts on the same GBL audio STACK.

I’m sorry if confusing. I will do my best to explain the basic idea of. And thank you very much your effort!


We are working on adding sends to Channel Actions (Actions and Shortcuts), using Virtual Midi ports you can then program sends.

Hi @musicullum ,

that sounds great, I hope that will help write changes to SEND levels :slight_smile:

An other additional option is at Gbl-STACKS panel: to allow user select any GroupCh-(FX Bus that has been created in MIXER view) as FX1/FX2 send destination instead of the self-contained-FXs in STACKS containers? That meight be helpful also if user would like to send signal on FX busses that are used globally in an entire VSTLive project and no need for a song-specific FX.

Afterwards writing automation for send levels here above for each songs/parts for the same Global-STACK.
Thank you for your great work developing this application week by week!

That is complicated and breaks with the concept. You do have those global Fx channels, and you can send there from any Stack Channel already. There are no “Song specific Fx”, Group channels are always globally available, so what you want is already available, no? (Except for Send actions).

Hi @musicullum ,

right, SEND-s are avaiable in Mixer view for STACK-output channels.
My idea above was an alternative if that way would have been easier developing the “SEND automation” there.
Thats all, it was an idea without knowing if that breaks with the concept.

From my musician point of view, I just willing to automate FX send-levels of my LeadVC-channel-strip, I’m absolutely happy with SENDS in MIXER view “e” (or if that would have been the effortless way from developer side: do the same within any STACK container FX section: route+send-automation to any GroupChannelType-FXBus)


Just so that you know we are examining the possibility of Group Channels as Stack Fx Sends targets, and Actions to program Stack sends. No promises though.

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Hi @musicullum ,

That is awesome to hear! You will see what makes sense at intensive usage in real life situation.

Automation is a lovely thing, I’m using my TC fx pedal with automated FX changing - paralel with the MultiTrackAudio - since 2012, that avoids me to be like Michael Flatley on the stage :wink: So if the app will give the possiblilty the automate parameters change within the application (send levels), that would be lovely when using VSTLive as main unit (and just keep my TC fx as a “backup” fx system for any case.

I personally find everything very practicle that helps me keep things (presets, channel and FX strips) organised by have the possibility use them across a complete VSTLive project. Therefore when touching any parameter of them, I’m done. No need to copy modifyed e.g.: delay freq filter for 30 other songs. Sometimes parameter mod is just needed because acoustic character of the Venue where playing.

With the next version, Actions will feature Send1 - Send4 (level), and EnableSend1 - EnableSend4 in the “Channel” category. Actions can be automated by recording its programmed MIDI events, and send it to one of the Virtual Midi Outputs, with the same Virtual MIDI Input programmed for the according action.

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Hi @musicullum , that is awesome :slight_smile: :clap: The team is amazing, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I could get it working. The only problem, I couldn’t solve or find, what am I doing wrong:
If @Actions and Shortcuts :

  • Channel = SELECTED, it’s changing the actually selected channel’s send-n level
  • Channel = “n”, as amount of channels are changing by Song by Song - in my current situation - I would need to change target “Channel” for action(ing the same GBL-Stack1 SendLevel) by Song by Song for change send levels, or do anything here. Also as there isn’t channel numbering at channels bottom, I’ve found corresponding target channel by counting channels from left hand side of Mixer.

That meight be an extra difficulty when going to save a “channel No. specific” Action&Shortcut, as users hasn’t got access to channel ordering (numbering) for channels viewed/counted in the MIXER. Showing on test.vproj avoiding to touch my “WORKING.vproj”:

Channel reordering is in the making.

That is, woww, awesome :slight_smile:
I think, that will generally help different types of channel controlling (if fixed CH-#No. is meant to be used = anything elsed then choosing: “Selected” in Actions&Shortcuts/Channel.

Days ago I was thinking about regarding ch reordering. A bit affraid to write my thought as a user, furthermore I’m sure the team has much better and future-proof concept.

I was wondering: what if app keeps some channel UID# under the hood, while ch name and ch GUI reorder N.o. is referenced to these UID#s.

Thet meight let users rename any channel and/or reorder channel N.o. without confusing app, e.g.; an Action for a specific channel… furthermore this meight offer to select cannel related Action by channel name, while keeps the action working after changing any character in channel name as UID# is what identifying under the hood.

Please don’t feel this any more that I was thinking about this in “Brain Idle Minutes”

Internally, all objects have such an ID. But if you were to have the user tag specific objects (such as Channels) by some ID, it would require an additional user field alongside the name. And then you always have to keep in mind that there may be dependencies, for audio channels that would for instance be Sends.

We are considering a possibility to apply Actions for Channels, Layers etc (which have multiple instances) to a Part specifically, like a “Part” button. If that were engaged, the Actions list could also show Channels or Layers, Stacks etc by name.