64bit Rewire

Hi all, does anyone have any idea (even roughly) when steinberg are releasing the 64 bit rewire. I am sick of bouncing guitar tracks so i can open up another amp rack

Tomorrow at 10.30 CET :mrgreen:

I contacted Steinberg support last week and was told it could be available by April.
What year they did not say. :laughing:

Absolute joke in my opinion. Why should we have to use 3rd party plugins to use it (EnergyXT’s Rewire VST ) and before someone, responds saying you can use it in 32 bit mode, I know you can, but I don’t want to, that’s why I upgraded to 64 bit to take advantage of the extra ram.


You can use it in 32bit mode!

And I don’t want to pay taxes, but I have to.

What a stupid reply. Stop wasting space on the forum. Who gives a crap about your Taxes. I’ve paid for a 64 bit Programme and I’ve not got the features I paid for. End of story muppet. :laughing:

I think you’ll find you did get the features you paid for! 64 bit rewire will come.

I think you’ll find I didn’t my old splitoon… :unamused:


What features did you pay for that you didn’t get?

There must have been a magical 64-bit ReWire in Cubase6 demo even before ReWire 64 was introduced! I must raise my hat for SB programmers for this incredible achievement :smiling_imp:

Hello there!Is there any magical way to switch installed C6 64-bit to 32-bit?
I just need this ReWire.

If you’re on a PC, you can install both 32 and 64 bit versions and run either, though you have to maintain plug-in directories separately for each one, while pointing the 64 bit version additionally to the 32 bit plug-in directory to get those plugs that aren’t 64 bit yet. Sounds confusing, I know.

If you’re on a mac, as I understand it, you can somehow switch between 32 and 64 bit from a single install, though don’t ask me how.

How to switch 32/64 in Mac:

Steinberg can’t you see how much attention this subject is getting on so many forums.

Why can’t you just make an announcment and let everyone know the expected launch date.

You must have some idea.

Yeah, they probably have the same idea that I do. The vast majority of Cubase users don’t give a crap about rewire.

It’s called service and support. I have a lot of arrangements that I can’t use because of missing Rewire for 64-bit. Only one question: Steinberg, will there be an upgrade of Rewire 64-bit before summer, in the autumn or not at all?

Hello guys,

We have not forgotten you!
Please be patient, the ReWire 64-bit compatibility is coming soon!
We don’t want to rush anything but give you a very stable release you can rely on. :slight_smile:

Thanks Steinberg for at least some response.

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Not half a funny as yours :laughing:

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