7.03 Hang-ups upon closing - Anyone else?

7.03 has been hanging on me on exit during a CPU intensive project (10 Slate VTM’s which are brutal on the CPU). Just thought I would check if others have had problems exiting 7.03.


This is not a new issue, and it is not exclusive to C7. It also happens in Nuendo. Some users experience it all the time, and some never. Still a mystery. :confused:

In my case Cubase generally hangs while closing a project rather than Cubase itself. Once a project successfully closes/unloads Cubase exits gracefully. I notice that in specific projects, the close procedure tends to hang at exactly the same point (at least to the extent that Task Manager suggests). As a Cubase project closes, memory decrements as objects are disposed (this is a supposition about object disposal but it seems reasonable). In each of the projects exhibiting this behavior, I can now tell when the hang will occur based on the remaining memory allocated to Cubase. Once these ‘disposal’ points are reached, the CPU spins at 25% into perpetuity and memory remains constant.

Totally…It hangs on every exit! Even though CPU usage for Cubase dropped to 0%. I must select it and “end task!” :unamused:

Very fashion Cubase/Nuendo soft feature… Check forums :wink:
You can begin checking plugin´s, cubase preferences (delete it and re-start application), audio drivers … or perhaps if a generic MIDI device was selected as MMC … could be anything.

Mine did hang with 7.02, with 7.03 the hang is fixed. I did not do any extensive work with 7.03 yet!

YEEEUP!! CuBase has been randomly crashing on me; not just 7.0.2. I actually started using Logic Pro until the new version came out. I thought they may have fixed this…sadly NO. It is still an issue. You are not alone…This has been a problem for me since CuBase 5. And I run everything in 64bit; makes no difference. If someone knows how to resolve this please let me know. Cheers, Chris

This has been an ongoing issue since Cubase 5.
I dont think it will be fixed with the current core.
Maybe in a distant future when they rewrite the app from scratch.

yep. just started with 7.03. but i remember experiencing it with SX3 and early C5 so im used to it. its a Steinberg programming specialty. lets you know youre using Cubase. Makes me feel at home.

if i open C7.03, and then close it, it closes. but if i open C7.03 and ANY SESSION whatsoever, when i try to close, H A N GGGGGGG.

if someone tells me to “oh just trash your preferences” i will punch you in the teeth. ive trashed my preferences probably 100s of times since SX3. enough is enough. it must be fixed.

having said all this, invariably a new update periodicially comes along and then suddenly the problem disappears again…until the next time its broken again.


I tried a couple of experiments today with the ‘crash on project close’ problem. I noticed I had a couple of tracks with extremely long reverb tails (Lex Hall plugin). The meters on these tracks continued to deflect for approximately ten seconds after halting the transport. When I attempted to close the project while the meters will still deflecting the project would not close and continued to spin consuming ~25% CPU requiring the Cubase process to be killed. The next test was to wait for all meter deflection/plugin processing to quiesce (plus about 5 seconds of extra wait time) and the project closed correctly. I repeated this several times and the results were the same – the project closed as expected. I don’t know if this has any relevance to other who are experiencing problems closing projects but this seems to help in my case. I will continue to close projects in this manner and if I get inconsistent results I will post back.

Yep. 9 times out of 10. Regardless of whether I load plugins, or not.

Yeah allow me to join the club, Mac osx here, sometimes shutting video services, sometimes plug ins crash.

So much for the last hypothesis (quiescing plugins)… Still broken…

ive left my PC on overnight to see if it would finally close. still sitting there hanging in the morning.

i think thats enough length of time for any potential reverb tail to have finished

Unless its a real EMT plate…

Hi. I’ve read all your posts and I don’t see that any of you have elected to open the ‘Save As’ window to save your project just before you close Cubase. The exact same project name will appear, the one you are working on, just elect to ‘Save’. You will then be asked if you want to ‘rewrite the project?’. Since this will happen anyway (your current work will be saved under the current project’s name), just click ‘Save’.

Right now you are creating Cubase .BAK files in 15 minute increments (or whatever you have chosen) so all the various versions are there to be opened if you don’t like what you ‘Saved As’. But I assume you are opening projects, working on them, and saving them. Um, correct?

So I am wondering if when you do this ‘Save As’ step if Cubase still takes a long time to close. I always do this and I have never had to wait more than 10 seconds to close a project.

Hey Peter,

I haven’t. That’s because ‘Save As’ is not available when you launch Cubase, and then close without ever opening a project. If Cubase hangs without ever opening a project, that means that ‘Save As’ has nothing to do with anything.


Understood. This tells me you have plugin problems then. Do you use Kontact? Do you use Jbridge if you are using 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit environment?