7.5 at last.

After purchase you should see 4 download buttons - 2 are MAC and 2 are Windows

I´ve got the grace period update and I see a single 6gb download…

it stopped downloading after 3.6gb and now I can´t get it to download again…better go and have lunch

Gna gna gna


I’m sorry but… how the h3ll have you managed to DL ?

I’m constantly referred to my local distributors… :unamused:


Funny how brave you are behind yer mom’s computer screen. :wink:

So guys, how is it going ?

What about :

  • video files reading ?
  • 3rd party plugins ?
  • old projects ?
  • cpu load ?

Hi, witch is the best way to install 7.5 from 7.0.6 on a Mac (Mavericks)? *thx

Everything seems fine so far. It will prpbably take a while to properly evaluate things like CPU and ASIO perforance, but it seems to be working very well.

Regarding the new GrooveAgent 4se: could someone test, if it is now possible to assign samples via a dropdown list (like in Padshop), or do you still have to painfully drag’n’drop them from media bay? And is sample layering possible?

What about plugins hiding behind the MC?

Now there is no download link for 7.5… I click on Download, 7.5 and no link. Only the PDF :cry:

Me too…

I got the Mac installer link but it failed. Now I tried (just for curiosity) to
download the PC version, and it still fails toward the end of download. Problem is, when it’s failed the link disappears from the shop.steinberg.net download page… and the original link gives a 403 error.

Please make the download link public, nobody’s gonna steal Cubase 7.5 without the license anyway :smiley:

You should have recieved an email with download links

I received a mail pointing me to shop.steinberg.net, with download links indeed, but only the files I didnt download yet ( Halion Sonic 2 ) , Cubase 7.5 installer links are not displayed anymore…

Cant load 1/2 my synths … can’t load my old songs … Track Presets don’t retain Routing … i give up don’t they test this stuff at all ???

Steinbergs Final Joke …Ho ho F… Ho ho

If I have plugins open, and I click F3, the mixer comes to the front, covering the plugins. Is that what you mean?

Yes. So bad.

Edit: I started downloading the Cubase installer twice, and second downloader pointed me to another server. Now I’m downloading in 60-70 MBit/s!! :slight_smile:

actually, this seems to be working correctly so far. I’m only doing it on my laptop though. I need to get at it with multi-monitors to confirm. But so far the Z Order is working well on my laptop.

why is every thing eating my ram …