8.0.20 Hanging on exit is worse

For me Cubase was exiting properly from c7.5 to c8. With c8.0.10 hanging on exit started regularly with each exit, but I was able to simply close the error window, and Cubase closed immediately.
Now with c8.0.20 it hangs on exit bad, every time, it stays active in Task Manager, and after closing error window it takes very long until it shuts down in task manager. Basically, after closing Cubase, I have to restart computer, because reboot is much faster than waiting for Cubase to close in task manager.
There was no change in configuration of anything from 8.0.10 to 8.0.20, just the update. Few minutes before no problem, then update and problem. Clearly something is worse with Cubase.

No other daw is hanging on exit on my setup, only Cubase. This inability of Steinberg to fix this after so many years is simply embarrassing. Actually, they should be ashamed of being unable to fix this problem. Very bad.

This has to be to do with your setup as im running the same processor same version of windows , Rme , Automap and have no hanging on exit what so ever . Normally all these hanging problems turn out to be hardware driver related or 3 party software but on my lean dedicated Steinberg Daw everything runs fine with no hanging on exit .

Yes, in my setup it does this. Probably some combination of who knows what. I’m not trying to say that it behaves like this for everybody. Anyway, I doubt there is acceptable solution (though complete OS and DAW reinstall would probably work), just reporting what I can observe after latest update, that for me it is worse than it was before.

The frequency of hang on exit varies from user to user, from never to every time and everything in between. The one constant with this issue is Cubase. I know of no other application that hangs on exit.

As the saying goes…“Only in Cubase.”

But that’s the point ,not every person suffers with "hanging on exit " so how can you blame Steinberg alone more complicated systems have more chances for Errors and conflicts

You cannot blame Steinberg if your emails stop working, you blame author of your email software. You cannot blame Steinberg if your Photoshop crashes, you blame Adobe then. And if Blender crashes, you take it, it is free after all. But if Cubase crashes, and nothing else crashes on the same system, then who would be to blame by your logic? Me? Why me! I didn’t write the damn code. I’m trying to use it. Why the hell is my fault if Cubase crashes on exit each damn time, on a dedicated machine, and nothing else crashes on this machine, ever. No other daw crashes on this machine, ever. And even Cubase never crashes while working with it, it only crashes every damn time I close it. Is this normal? Are you trying to say that 500eur software in its 8 version is alright to do this, and it is my fault if this happens? What is this retarded logic? If I close program I want it to close, not to freeze and force me to restart. It MUST work. Why is it not working? Why no other DAW crashes on exit on this machine, although using the same drivers and plugins and i/o connections? Not even one other DAW ever crashes on exit on my machine. And Cubase THE GREAT crashes every damn time from the latest greatest 8.0.20. This is not normal. It is a DISASTER. I’m stupid as a log to keep paying for this crap. But it will be over the top some day, and I will flush it down the toilet, damn stupid app. Ahhh, I’m really pissed off with these Steinberg apologists - whatever doesn’t work, it is never Steinberg’s fault, it is always users fault, Steinberg is untouchable, like we should all be eternally thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be accepted among the chosen ones who are allowed to enter the sacred circle of Steinberg groupies and given the holy opportunity to touch the supreme achievement in world of software, Cubase The Great Pro. OK, sarcasm off… Peace. I hope they fix it some day.

Please see here:


But I DO feel your pain.

Do we have any idea how common it is? For me on three systems it’s very slow to close but I’ve not yet had a total hang that either won’t close or gives any error message. I’ve no third party plug-ins and three different Audio interfaces (including a Steinberg one) seem to make no difference.

I’ve come straight up from Cubase 6 and it was the same there. It’s probably the most complicated bit of software I have on a PC due to interfacing but it does seem strange that it takes so long to close…what is it doing? Does anyone have a system where it closes as quickly as everything else?

No point in being sarcastic with me when im only pointing out the FACTS that not all systems are having the problems you are having but everyone’s using exactly the same Steinberg code aren’t they ? Which means it’s user systems related .

It is exactly as you say, it is system related, for some it works, for others it doesn’t. Which doesn’t prove in any way that Steinberg did a good job in their coding. It really shouldn’t be dependent on system whether basic functionality works or not. Price was the same for all. Product was not advertised as working for some and not for others.

I’m not trying to say that, for example, Cubase should be able to work with same latency on all systems - surely it works better on better systems. But within some acceptable quality range of machines it should work for all similarly. Surely it shouldn’t force you to restart computer when you try to restart Cubase.

Especially since Cubase is still not able to dynamically detect new plugins, and is not able to initiate MIDI devices without restarting it. You must restart it for it to recognize the usb control you forgot to turn on or plug-in before starting it. Or if you unplug usb midi device by mistake, again you have to restart Cubase to recognize it back. If they would at least make it possible to add usb midi without restarting it.

Besides, I’m quite certain that good coding means to not only make app working on test machines, but to have it working on all machines, in different situations. After all it is not that we all have so different machines. Either you have win7 or win8, and all audio drivers must follow some standards probably. I’m sure some procedure can be coded so that program checks this and that whatever is needed, and then exits without freezing. Somebody just has to do it I guess. Is it not?

Absolutley this.

In software development, there are many tools in place for catching errors from devices and services the app is connected to; audio, video and MIDI drivers, VST plugins (which Steinberg invented and owns), external APIs like Rewire, even loosely coupled webservices like SoundCloud (which Cubase talks to) provide a means for the app to recover gracefully from an error.

It’s all but the most “severe” errors that an app cannot gracefully recover from, and even sometimes those. There are ways to design an app to insulate itself from even severe offenders and misbehavior; protected memory, virtual machine style containers, launching separate processes and apps (e.g. “vst bridges”), et al.

I feel the burden of responsibility is on Steinberg to explain the technical reason why it can’t catch these errors gracefully on close, rather than the other way around.

There is way more evidence and precedent in favor of the position that: “The error could be caught gracefully via code.”

Software handshaking fails all the time, in all manner of apps. It’s not a foregone conclusion that when something goes wrong, the app has to simply “explode” (like Cubase often does).

It may very well be that it’s another driver or app that is being the unsocial handshaker, not following the protocol, or even not responding at all, but it doesn’t mean the apps it talks to have to go into a endless loop and hang forever.

That’s what the “time-out” design pattern is for (when all else fails).

Unless you see a Windows error, system crash, BSOD etc., I would say 95% of these ungraceful hangs and crashes on close are Cubase’s fault, even if they’re not Cubase doing the “naughty” thing.

Cubase is the Host, after all. It runs the show.

Ever since I done a repair install of Cubase via CCleaner i’ve not had a single hang on exit. :sunglasses: I was plaugued with it before.

I have CCleaner, but cannot see repair install function. Can you please describe how you do it? Thnx.

Go to CCleaner’s uninstall page, select Cubase, and it will run Cubase’s installer/uninstaller which lets you pick repair.

For anyone else that wants to try it, just run the Cubase installer via any means to get the repair option. I just used CCleaner as it was the quickest way of me getting to it.

one of the best posts ive read in ages. im with you 100% sonic. some of the logic used on this forum to try and blame everyone else and everything else except the most obvious just amazes me. “Lets deny deny deny firstly at all costs, and only later when we are finally forced to actually look at a problem and address it shall we look at some code…”

How can you address code when the code works for 90% of users ?

Also the logic of filling your machine with 100’s of plugin’s , some out of date ( most probably ) and then blaming Steinberg is beyond me

It only happens to me on certain tracks and the Stopped Working window is easily closed down.

The details shows that the fault module name is: d2d1.dll. Which seems to confirm what ggc is talking in his thread.

I am on 7.5.4 and i have quite often problems on quiting too. It seems that cubase should, despite the errors might come from outsiders, to always protect it self from others and control the errors… Bitwig for example when a vst plugin crashes it doesn’t break the system it crashes the plugin but not the system… you might loose the work of the plugin but all the other work is safe… i would say this is nice… but on the other hand there wouldn’t be the always safe excuse “that happens because of third party bad plugins”

as started by gcc in http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=81011
the solution might be on GraphicsAcceleration default value.
can anyone on OSX run this on terminal?

defaults read com.cubase.common GraphicsAcceleration

and tell here what is the output, no changes will happen. thank you.