A couple questions: Crash when switching apps, and trashing preferences

Hi -
I had a crash today, and it was while switching back and forth frequently between Cubase and another app (gmail). I’m not exactly sure, but I think the few crashes I’ve had with Cubase 12 Pro have been under similar circumstances.

Can anyone, perhaps @Martin.Jirsak please take a look or pass along my dmp file to the troubleshooters?

Thank you!

PS: Oh dear, the forum says the crash file is too big, a 4GB limit (the file is 4.67 GB) - how do I get it uploaded?


Definitely Chrome!

:see_no_evil: :drum: #badone #out.now.

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That’s one of a kind crash log we have here !

Jokes apart, is the “Release Driver when application is in background” setting in Cubase enabled by any chance ?

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Share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

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Uploading to Drop Box, will post link when done.

I can’t open Cubase now, after weeks (months) of using Cubase 12 Pro without a problem, I get a “No Valid License Found” error, after it stays on “Checking Licenses” in the splash screen.

I’ll reboot after the .dmp file is uploaded to Drop Box, hopefully that’s all it’ll take.


Try to take your Cubase preferences folder to be able to start Cubase.

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@Martin.Jirsak , could you please remind me of those steps (W10)?

I followed this link
Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support

and dragged configurations to the desktop, and tried to restart Cubase, but it still said no valid license.

I also dragged the whole Cubase 12_64 file to the desktop and tried to restart Cubase, but same result.

Finally, I held down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT while Cubase was trying to start, and also got same result.

[Troubleshooting for Cubase and Nuendo on Windows – Steinberg Support]

Finally, I renamed all the Cubase folders there as per (https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206618850-Troubleshooting-for-Cubase-and-Nuendo-on-Windows#preferences) , and Cubase did not seem to rebuild anything, I still get the “No License Found” error message.

If there is another way to trash preferences, or if I did this wrong, please LMK.



OK, this is something different. How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager?

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@Martin.Jirsak here is the dropbox link to the .dmp file: Dropbox - Cubase12.DMP - Simplify your life

I will check Steinberg Activation Manager now.

@Martin.Jirsak , Something is wrong with Activation Manager: First on the white screen it says “Not Responding”, then it goes to a gray screen that says “Loading, please wait …” for a very long time. This is repeatable.

However Windows Task Manager does not show Steinberg Activation Manager as “Not Responding” …


That might be linked.

Could you try to reinstall Steinberg Activation Manager, please? Make sure you have the latest update downloaded and install it as administrator, please.

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@Martin.Jirsak -

I am up and working now, this is what I did since my last post (to review: at that point I had renamed all my CubaseN_64 and CubaseN_64X files (whatever an “X” file is), but Cubase was throwing a “No License Found” error message, and when I tried to open Steinberg Activation Manager it threw a “Not Responding” error message) :

  1. I rebooted my computer
  2. I ran Cubase Pro 12 - it opened up fresh, meaning the “Recent Projects” option under “File” was greyed out", but completely usable in a short test.
  3. I hid the “new” Cubase12_64 file that presumably had just been created, and I replaced it with the one that existed when Cubase crashed and subsequently wouldn’t open.

That works completely normally as far as I can tell, I’m back in business.

-Thank you for your time and assistance, @Martin.Jirsak . Should I even waste brain cells wondering what just happened?
-Now I’m back to the OP question - is switching frequently between windows causing my Cubase to crash (I don’t know how to read a .dmp file. It’s maybe kind of interesting I was testing a plugin, Soothe 2 that was not behaving correctly at the time, and also switching back and forth with gmail at the time).

is enabled. I have it that way because somewhere along the line I think I figured out I can’t switch between listening to Cubase and listening to Youtube vids if it is not enabled … but that was long ago.

Do you think that might have something to do with my crash?

Thanks again, everyone!

@Martin.Jirsak -

I should add now … Steinberg Activation Manager works fine after the reboot. Only Cubase 12 is activated though … I do have a license for Cubase 11 (and previous versions?), and my Dongle is plugged in.

Would I need to do something with the USB Licenser Control Center if I wanted Cubase 11 to be active?


If you own Cubase 12 license, you don’t need the USB-eLicenser anymore.

You don’t need to look any further. Yes it does.
You even gave us a major clue :

If you did that too fast without waiting for the driver to load/unload, then all it did was corrupting the channels data in Cubase, resetting the devices in Windows and creating duplicates.
In short it fu*ked up everything, especially if the sample rate wasn’t the same in windows.

Please follow these steps if you don’t want such a thing to happen again.

Very interesting, @Louis_R (what you say about sample rates needing to be matched, and also about releasing the driver, here and in the link you provided)!

Two questions please:

  1. Where might adverse changes occur if I go change the windows sample rates to match my project? I can envision unanticipated problems arising, but that’s just how I’m wired!

  2. If it is unchecked/not enabled ("Release Driver when application is in background”), will it affect watching youtube vids with Cubase open?

  3. You wrote,

How fast is too fast? And is that question even relevant if I change the sample rates and uncheck “Release driver …” as you suggested?

If I didn’t want to do either of those things (hypothetically speaking! :smile:), and if I continued to switch between apps but not “too fast” … would I avoid those crashes?

Thanks for your help, hope you don’t mind questions that seem to push back a bit! It’s just how I learn best - I’m very grateful for your hard work :slight_smile:


Once you activate the Cubase Pro/Artist 11 license, it’s always on the USB-eLicenser. You don’t have to do anything more.


I depends on a few factors, please click the link at the end of this post.

Not at all, it will simply allow to continue hearing Cubase when it is not in focus.

Too fast is, when you switch again before the driver has finished loading/unloading, maybe a few seconds, but it depends on the device, the more channels it has the longer it takes.

Please read the guide I have just made, it may answer many of your questions :wink:

This is a joke. How the hell isn’t this documented? And why is this happening at all in the first place? Using a Focusrite 18i20 and these freezes happen like crazy. For a 500$ piece of s
oftware, this is not acceptable.

Also installing Cubase 12 made me pull my hair out last year. It didn’t ship with the right VC++ redistributable and the installer itself would crash. I had to debug it myself.

I’ve been a long time Cubase user, but all of this made me switch to Reaper. Lightweight, stable, almost free, and can do everything Cubase does and more.

I’m converting my projects to Reaper and now Cubase crashes every 5 minutes (no joke). Thanks Louis for the explanation, I think the crashes just went away. I can’t believe I spent so much money for such a frustrating experience.