Accents in parentheses?

Searching the forum, the last time I see a post about articulations in parentheses is this thread on Ligeti etudes -

I suspect it’s still not possible, but I wanted to check. Thanks!

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Correct, there is not native support for parentheses around accents currently. The workaround is the same: text tool, turn off collision avoidance, manually reposition.

Thanks Dan! I’m guessing you mean articulations, not accidentals, since parenthesized accidentals are in the properties panel.

Pthbbbb. Yes, sorry. Saturday morning and no brain yet. Fixed.

You could create a Playing Technique with the brackets and accent.

You can also modify an existing articulation - such as stressed or unstressed - using the musical symbols editor. That way, it tends to behave like an articulation. I often do that for natural harmonics since those available in Playing Techniques don’t interact properly wiht 8va lines and slurs.

The Man doesn’t want us to, but old tricks still work!

Thanks, these are all great ideas! I made a Playing Technique with different appearances for above and below - so far that is working well. But I may try Claude’s idea too.

Daniel has indicated that he expects Dorico to support parentheses natively at some point. I’d like to think this support will include:

  • Individual notes
  • individual articulations and dynamics
  • chords (tall parentheses that envelope the entire chord)
  • passages (parentheses to the left and right of an entire phrase)

I’d also like the option for accidentals to appear in brackets, not just parentheses.

Yes. Square brackets around any item (including whole phrases) would be a dream come true for those who edit and revise scores.

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I would love to have an accent in brackets too. (<)