Add plugin with shortcut

Hi all! you can add a plugin in reaper with combining a shortcut for the plugin and this way you can add it on the selected channel.

i was wondering if you could to the same with cubase on windows. i know there is a option for this on mac with macro’s and wht not but if you could do the same with ahk that would be amazing.

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If you want to add it as an Insert effect, this is not possible in Cubase, sorry.

Very true. What I did in this case was to implement a virtual port in my midi remotes to send Mackie commands to browse through the inserts for selecting one for whichever slot we want. I feel this would be a great feature-request for the MIDI Remote, as I’ve already made here: Cubae 12 Midi Remote API - Browsing instruments, inserts, sends and here: MediaBay Browsing with the new MIDI Remote API . Nowadays, I feel like the mediaBay talking with the remotes is a perfect way to do this, and I’m somehow very optimistic this will eventually be accomplished :slight_smile:


Yeah you can do this in Studio One as well. Would be great to see here.

You can do it here for DOP but not track inserts. So I feel like it wouldnt be that difficult to implement since its sorta already there.