Add the ability to assign to a single controller, multiple parameters.

Starts at 45 seconds in this video:

EDM producers need to control tons of parameters simultaneously to create risers, tension and release, etc.

Ableton really nails that with its Rack Macros, which let you control multiple parameters from 1 knob, and then you simply automate that single knob to do it all in a single automation lane (rather than 10 lanes!). Cubase has nothing like it. :cry:

I feel like this should be an easy one, just make VST Quick Controls and Track Quick Controls able to be mapped to multiple parameters.

That’s a great idea! Something like this:

  • Add “Multi-Control” as an option in the target dropdown menus for VST/Track Quick Controls.
  • When chosen, bring up a special window which lets us select multiple target parameters, ranges, directions and bezier curves (linear 1:1, curved, etc). To completely configure exactly how the multi-control controls all those parameters.
  • Let us name the multi-control manually, such as “Filter Tension” or whatever, so that we can later recognize what it’s for.
  • Add a special button next to any control mapped to “Multi-Control”, which brings up the editor window again to let us tweak those mappings.

Please Steinberg, think about it… this would be amazing! :astonished:


+1 from this guy too, 7Skies (known producer):

At 6:20, he speaks about multi-parameter macro knobs and that they were a large reason for him to move to Ableton Live.

Please @Steinberg, help us out! :astonished:

Midi Macro are present in many virtual synth and sampler, it’s a very powerfull tool for so many area, it’s not limited to EDM :wink:

Sure the one in Ableton is great.
Add easy/fast step Midi Macro into Quick Control would be very nice.

+1 for Midi Macro feature

Yes, this is very important

and there should be a feature like this in Cubase

They need to code a whole set of modulators to be able to rise to the level people need Cubase at

+1 Good Idea

looks like nice idea for easy and fast workflow

:slight_smile: I wonder if Steinberg listens.


For comparison, the way grouping and macros work in Live is very convenient, M4L takes it even further, and controlling multiple parameters (anywhere in the project) is possible in FL as well with Dashboard etc.

Though, it must be said, modularity like that can get complex fast. In a big Live project with many custom M4L controls, or the equivalent in FL, it becomes easy to forget how and why all the links and dependencies were set.


It should be simple to develope this, I guess. :wink:
I imagine that any controller can be linked to any VCA slider and you can link any count of controls to one VCA slider.
Maybe Steinberg developers can do more and better than any other DAW’s devs - I mean any controller can be linked to any other controller. And then we need a window of map to see visually what is linked to where.

Well if this is added, we need a window to properly choose the destinations, direction, and strength for each target parameter. So for example “Filter Cutoff: Positive, Linear, 30% strength”, "Reverb Mix: “Negative, Curved, 80% strength” etc. That way, moving the “multi” quick control up, would raise the filter at a positive strength of up to 30%, and would lower the reverb negatively up to 80%.

Properly setting up the targets like that would let us move a knob and get the exact results we want. This would be so awesome. It could sit under Cubase’s existing Quick Controls area.

Yes, I am praying fore this feature appear in Cubase. To modulate more than one parameter with one rotary.

And also if you select more than one MIDI track, Cubase shoud pass CC controls to next track. It sohuld be mandatory. I don’t get why I can play few VSTi but I can not send CC message to few of them.
I would like to be able to control few Quick controls with one rotary without messing and duplicating Generic Device.

and there is no workaround for this at the moment?

i’ve read some things about “device panel” and “generic device” or something like that … but haven’t found a step by step to achieve with something like FM8 for example, is there a way?

Good question… Where have you heard this? Does anyone know if there’s a workaround?

You can assign 2 parameters to 1 midi controller knob/slider with the Generic Remote. But you can’t do more than 2 and you can’t assign percentages of amount like in Ableton Live.

As an EDM producer I’ve been requesting this feature for years! If Steinberg just added this feature to the Quick Controls Cubase would pretty much be the perfect DAW for EDM production IMO.

Its sad seeing big name EDM producers who were Cubase power users like Virtual Riot and Deniz Koyu (now KO:YU) abandon Cubase for Ableton…

This feature really is a must in this day and age (should really have been present from about 5 years ago, but hey, steiny can still get the finger out and catch up with Ableton in this regard). Abletons implementation of this feature is perfect, and incredibly powerful, especially with being able to specify the range of the control knob for each parameter.
Unfortunately you can find a thread on this forum from 2015 requesting the exact same thing with a long list of replys with “+1s” and “me too’s” after it and still nothing. It seems like such an obvious and powerful feature to implement that I wonder if there is some code issue within the program that has prevented them from including it. Would be an easy win for any update. C’mon steinberg, its clear that a large prortion of your customers would love this feature by virtue of the fact that many people have posted here since 2015 requesting the exact same thing - why not? I still use Ableton mainly but could see me shifting to cubase more permanently rather than for occasional projects if this feature was present and fluently implemented like ableton.


Yeah, Cubase is pretty a place where are no “dead” place now, click anywhere and you will activate something. But Automation and Macros are maybe the most demanded things here. They did it with an automation, now it’s perfect to me (despite virgin territory still sucks), now I am waiting hard for Macros rotaries!