adding a tie between notes that have force duration

I have a G# that was input using “Force Duration” in the second bar (without the force duration it becomes a dotted eighth).

I would like to tie it to the previous note.
But when I mark the previous note and press “T” (tie), it overrides the forced duration:

What the best practice solution for this?
To be clear, I want the G# in the 2nd bar to remain a 8th connected to a 16th

Not super smart (if you ask me) but I think one solution is to enter/move the FD notes to a different voice before you tie …

You need Force Duration turned on for the entire input of that note, including the input of the tie. This comes up weekly, basically, so please search!

I had forced duration on, it still doesn’t work. Should I upload a video?

As you can see, force duration is turned on. I mark the two notes:

With force duration still on, I press ‘t’, and this happens:

Notice that force duration is STILL on.
What am I missing?

ENTIRE input of notes. Including the first crotchet (quarter)

(to get you started)

It works if you input the ties on the fly: activate force duration, input the quarter note, hit T for the tie, input the eighth note, input the sixteenth note.
If I add the tie afterwards, force duration doesn’t help for me either.

The entire point was that I made a mistake and needed to go back to the score input the tie AFTER THE FACT.
(maybe I noticed the missing tie in rehearsal, and went home to correct the mistake)

Is there no way to add it after the fact?
I understand how to input the correct note durations using force duration when I first input the notes.
The question is whether I can make corrections after the fact or am I forced to re-input the entire thing again?

No. The Force Duration property is a property of each note. When you tie notes they become one note, and the new note inherits properties from the previous separate notes. It’s a bit like recessive genes! You can’t guarantee that Force Duration will work unless absolutely every constituent note was entered WITH Force Duration.

Not at the moment, no, because when you add the tie the original note is rewritten. We do intend to make some changes to the way Force Duration works, in particular to make it possible to apply it retrospectively to notes that already exist.

Great! Good to know.

Also thank you pianoleo

I obviously misunderstood you then. Apologies if I upset you by assuming that you were asking how to do this in the first place. I just wanted to help. :slight_smile:

It’s all good brother!

I second that! Having ties change my forced durations is a common problem for me. Being able to preserve force duration on subsequent operations would really be a bliss.


Here is what happens to me:

  1. I insert two notes in a measure, with Force Duration on.
  2. Tie these notes, and the durations remain the desired ones.
  3. I insert two notes in the following measure, with Force Duration on.
  4. Exit insert mode, select the second note, tie it with the following one.

Result: Durations in the second measure are automatically changed.

So, there seems not to be a way to have the notes forced in the desired duration in the second meaure.


Before tie:
After tie:

Ptram, I’m going to just quote myself:

Do not leave input mode.
Do not turn off Force Duration.
Do not fiddle with ties after you’ve put the notes in; put the ties in during note entry.

This is one way to do it:

Only tie once… that is input your desired notes with Force Duration, (nothing should be tied at this point), then select all the notes you wish to be tied and type “t”.

Personally, I usually tie as I go, as Leo explains.
Leo - you beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Oddly enough musicmaven’s method works too. So there at least two ways of getting what you want.

I tried Musicmaven’s method, and it works here too. So, it’s either all now and nothing later, or nothing now and all later.

The second method can be more useful when you have to duplicate a measure, maybe with notes tied over the barline.

If you happen to tie notes, and then want to add tied notes, you can use the scissors toll (shortcut U), and remove the existing ties, before adding all the needed ties.