I paid for every single upgrade from version 9,0 - 9,5 - 10, 10,5, I even bought the Nuendo 10,3 in hope that they will finally solve these HiDPI issues on their flagship … OMG, it is still here, and it is getting even worse with the new Cubase 11, I bought it as a downgrade, because I hoped for the better HiDPI support (as they promised with the new 11 version). It is even worse!!! IS THAT POSSIBLE??? How much money you will take out of my pocket, to bring Cubase/Nuendo act normally?


/tested on my nVIDIA QUADRO, nVIDIA 2050 … drivers, or my 4K screens are not the issue!!! only Cubase11/Nuendo 10,3 is causing this/

In the video, I was upset about non existing option to select desired tracks and zoom them in smaller increments than in 50% 100% 150 etc etc.
So there IS an option to turn off SNAPPING THE TRACK HEIGHTS in the small triangle above the zoom slider.

so STEINBERG - I am deeply and trully sorry for blaming you in that particular problem. My fault. But I think, this option should be switched off by default IMHO.

Interesting, have you fooled around with the Win10 theme/visual/window options?

You’ve updated Windows?

I am fighting that for about 4 years already!!! I did everything possible, to solve that from the “windows” side of the problem. NOT IS NOT WINDOWS, OR GRAPH. DRIVERS - it is CUBASE / NUENDO ONLY. This is theirs problem with DPI scaling. What more, any other HiDPI software acts absolutely normally under my windows, not Cubase/ Nuendo only. SAD, SAD, SAD and I am so pissed … I will be perfectly happy with version 9,5 (as the HiDPI support was released) … but is not solved till today. Horrible!! Fighting that issues on my 4K screens every single day for about 4years. Paid 5x times for very expensive upgrade. And still not working. If someone has full hd displays, then it is just ok. But on 4Ks with 150% DPI… pain, pain, pain and only pain with this. I just can’t work normally. (And not only the HiDPI issues, but the resizing of the tracks, this is not about hiDPI… you can jump between two sizes. Too small, or too big… nothing in between…) Sorry Guys I am really upset.

Sorry to hear about your problems. You could try raising a ticket with support so they know about it formally. Although, as you probably know, they are very poor at responding. But it is still the best way to lodge a formal complaint.

Can’t solve your display problems,

but in regards to zoom, I highly suggest delving into some of the other zoom commands available… Initially I regrettably did, but am now glad I did and barely use anymore the manual horizontal/vertical zoom.

Hi - you mention about the different thickness of vertical lines in your video; are you sure you are not looking at the normal ‘beat divisions’ versus ‘bar lines’ here.? Bar lines have always been very slightly thicker than the beat divisions in between, on purpose. Difficult to tell from your video but zoom in a little and watch how both of these behave/come in to view…

The other stuff you show, looks odd/bad indeed.

no he’s talking about the horizontal track lines, it seems they are inconsistent by a pixel or two giver or take, depending on/every other zoom level.

Well he’s definitely talking about vertical lines for me, at 1:33 - ‘one is thick, one is thin’… then he talks about the horizontal lines ‘thicker’ business…

Hi Guys sorry for the late reply, busy day here.

So, as I said, there was problems with Nuendo 10.3 too and cubase 10.5. The same issue. Plugins windows were shrinked on open/close/open/close. I was fighting with it from the beginning. (and asking for solving this). I was pretty much sure, that it was the issue of missing 150% DPI support in windows. But I was wrong. Even on full 150% DPI support, the problem with resizable plugins persists. But that was only this problem. Now with Cubase 11 there are more problems then before.

About those ghost lines. No, I am really a pro. This is just a plane graphic issue, nothing else. Just bad UI programming, which does not match the DPI grid.
See the detailed picture.

And about the zoom function on multiple tracks. Is there anything else what can I do, to zoom not on such a big increments? I don’t think so. There those x2 increments only. I think it is pretty obvious, that in vector design, you should be able to zoom literaly in any increment. But it is not possible.


I gave up with writting to support. You know, imagine, you go out with new version, claiming now there is a proper 150 % DPI support finally (+125 and 175), and it is even worse than before. What should I say to them, after I begged on my knees, to fix these issues for so long? I am living with that s**t 4 years… and buying every single update, crossgrade. I am so loyal customer, owning, spectralayers, absolute collection, wavelab, dorico, halion, etc etc etc, just everything … I should have a compenstation for all that pain (without solution). Btw. I am looking like an idiot in front of my customers, claiming, Nuendo/Cubase, is the best thing, you can get. And all this is happening for such a long time. I feel like making betatesting 4years and not to get paid for it - but I pay them for being their betatester (what more, nobody is listening). Again, this is just very sad.

That’s not good at all, this HiDPI issue should have been nailed shut after so many years of trying - i really feel sorry for your experience.

The question is why isn’t this being picked up after years of betatesting too? Perhaps they’ve created an environment of too many ‘yes’ people, or too many people with the same setup? Cause I don’t know how this goes through - if others are experiencing similar to you.

Steinberg bug, or video card driver bug?

If it is a a Steinberg bug, than all video cards would behave exactly the same way… but they don’t.

Then don’t expect help.

I’ve written to support, they were incredibly helpful - they took a lot time with me, got me to run some advanced diagonistics tools on my system to find problems, etc, etc.

You can compare to other DAWS, but most other DAWs were made some time - after - Cubase and or Don’t have as many features as Cubase. The downside to Cubase having so many features, is it takes longer to update everything, and transition everything into new modern standards and all the variables. Software companies don’t necessarily know which technological innovation is coming next and how it’s going to play with their software. Variables of OS, which may release an unforeseen update that screws everything in a DAW software the day of release, new display technologies and drivers, new graphic stuff, new display formats, new Windows handling, etc, etc.

So be helpful, or don’t be helpful. If you’re helpful, Steinberg can be helpful.

1st. They don’t respond to tickets. And if… it takes (my last experience) months to get an answer. Should I wait weeks and months for they say me, we plan better HiPDI support and new 150% scaling? That is a solution. Evidently they didn’t listen. I made videos with this
Find thing solition on this problem facebook, here, so many people with the same problems. They posted issues with HiPDI too here
I expect, that such a company reads their own forum and looks for mostly repeated topics (in fact, they should have one profesional, witch knows the system completely and he should read every single topic and push that problems to programmers. (Because nobody can’t expect here - hey … ok… we can see you problem, next week await new update with solving the crap. Tjey should be far before us. Not mileas ways, solving all 4 years old pains… now with so big words like, we finally solved the HiPDI issues on 4k screens, which are mostly 150% Dpi).
Omg they really don’t have setup with hiDpi screens? Where are they? They must see these problems. I have three different computers. Any single with different harrdware. And the problem is abslutelly the same on all of them. So what should I tell them. Hi guys
If you finde some time after 6months of programming, can you just solve this? I was asking for that 9.5… nothing. Paid upgrade, because they promissed better hidpi support 10 nothing. The same promise here 10.5 nothing. I bouhgt nuendo 10, 10.3 respecively and nothing. They claimed Cubase 11 will 100% and finaly solve this. NOTHING it is even worse. What should I expect from them??

I even added to my friends list poeple from the crew. Wrote them. Let me betatest your software. I am doing very good job in this… nobody is interested

What should I do more?

At least, I hope, they are watching their own forum and seeing our complaints and issues. So many times I’ve see many poeple with sharing the same frustration. Their topics are lost in time and space, they gave it up.
I can work with minor issues… ok. But this massive bug. I am living with that 4 years (between I had three different, supperpower computers)…
I have nothing more to say ;((( I love my daw… but working with for 4 years… I am loosing my sanity
Sorry for that. That is a normal human reaction

Have very nic day all of you guys (and I am not being sarcastic). Have a really nice day. And if someone from you have the power to create mew support ticket, do it and use my video. I will do that too. Maybe as we raises out tickets together, they will help us. At least to me, after paying 3000usd or so, for all their updates (promissimg better HiDPI support)

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1st, if you’re running a business/pro-users -You - need to develop a system that works for you irrelevant of what the developer says, does, work, or what is their fault and not their fault. From OS, to OS version, to screen monitor type, to graphics card. - You - have to engineer a system that works for you and the software.

2nd, once you have that and you’ve stabilized your life - you need to be - very - very - extremely - cautious about when, what, how and why you upgrade or change anything with your set up.

I am still running Cubase 10.0.6 on Windows 7 for this very reason, and because of that, I have - zero - problems.

You need to be responsible to a degree, actually a fairly high degree, to - fix - your - problems - without Steinbergs help. That is the truth many people in this forum seem to have trouble with. I’m not blaming you, I’m just giving you the reality of the world.

Having problems with a 4k screens and Cubase? Sell it, and buy a 1080p screen. Seriously. You do 4k video editing to? Well you might need two screens then.

This is reality. With all Software, especially older software. and pretty much everything in life.

It took Boeing 3 to 5 planes full of people crashing before they figured out a simple problem, or that there was even a problem beyond human pilot error.

If you buy a specialty coffee roaster from Italy, well, if that roaster breaks… Don’t expect parts and service the next day… in fact, you might have to fly someone in from Italy to fix it…

Now in terms of your particular situation. First of all, you’re posting in ‘General’ instead of ‘Issues’.

Please do try and create a new ticket with your video, and make sure you also check your emails trash, and if gmail, All Mail. Gmail is notorious for putting legit mail in the wrong place. you have to check your ‘All Mail’.

You can also submit questions to Greg Ondo for his Google Hangouts stream sessions clubcubase at

Sometimes, you have to engineer your system to work with the software because the software company has an endless amount of end-user variables to code for between two different OS’, one of which is a dictatorial authoritarian cult OS (apple).

as I said. I am an pro user. Even programming is my partial job. I know things, I know where are these issues comming from. I can offer solutions, but they have no interest.

And offering me to downgrade to full HD… this doesn’t even deserves any comment … ufffffffffffff… how many times I’ve heard this sorry bro, but stupid comment. Back to 8 bit machiness… yes? In times of 8K, HiDPI graphics etc. Telling me these words like, sell you expensive HW, which works PERFECTLY on just ANY ANY ANY software, that I have to sell my screens (even I do videoediting and photography too), manage new studio with some shi*tty 32 Full HD screens with blurry image… .sorry, but this is just nothing else as funny

and givinig me advices about checking my spam folder, this is funny too. I am not a kid bro. OFF COURSE I am checking this. I even have filter in my mailbox, not to miss any steinberg’s mail.

Have a gr8 day. A thank you for your words.

Do whatever it takes to make it work mate, you’ll be fine and when Steinberg fixes things you’ll be better.

I’m pretty sure not everyone is having your problems, so surely there must be something to that. That is basic troubleshooting reduction that should tell you something.

Well if you work in any other scaling than 100% in Windows, you are going to run into issues, the OS itself has not even arrived in HiDPI land. You just need to buy displays big enough, then even 4k are fine at 100%.
1440p displays exist, and are more popular than 4k for a reason. For someone who “knows things” and is a “pro user” you seem to make some unpractical decisions.

4 more years, 4 more years :slight_smile:

Ehhh… one big sorry for the new function from Cubase ALLOW RESIZE THE WINDOWS!!! I missed it, and this is just fantastic. My old plugins are now usable again (like the waves ones) Yes, this is trully fanastic (even it is a sure thing it get a bit blurry, because of nonHiDPI content is zoomed… so that is still perfectly fine) BIIIIIIIIIIG thumb up for that. (But again, it is pretty buggy now. But that is the way how they should approach the needs of a user a called for that function also for about 4 years. It is finally there).