And again..............External Effects

Please please make those External Effects connections saveble !!!
It is a disaster when you have to make 16 connections everytime the audio interface is switched to another and back.

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Fully agreed. I have to extend it: switching audio interface to and fro is generally a disaster. It should be possible to link a total connection set to an audio interface!

Please Steinberg, bring on some improvement here.
Check out the simplicity of Pipeline in Studio One.




Important thread here:

another here:

and include to save the whole settings of ALL audio connections as a “total” preset (connected to the interface in use)


I recently worked for the first time in Studio One and man…that Pipeline XT option should be implanted within Cubase as soon as possible !
Ther ext.effects handling in Cubase compared to this is ancient history.

100% +1
I added some quiet extensive thoughts and some UI ideas on the Audio Connections thread and the idea of ‘ASIO Hardware Configuration’ presets here:-

Audio Connections, esp Ex FX and Instruments is a workflow mare right now!



I constantly change my routings for various reasons, and I would like these settings to be project dependant… not having to reconfigure every time I load a project because I changed the settings beforehand.


Save External Effects and be able to recall a global “studio conncections” setting for Inputs, Outputs, Effects, External Effects, Control Room configuration from one preset/snapshot.


Still hoping that this is included in the next Cubase version. Very much needed for any external/hardware/In&Outs routing.


+1 - need functionality like pipeline xt, and ability to commit the track with your hardware insert on the track itself (a la transform to rendered audio.). Only reason I’m sticking with studio one for now. I can make better use of my expensive outboard and stay in the flow.

Please please please get this fixed +1!

Yes… and please Steinberg: When you improve this, make it reasonable - iow dont forget to look at it from the angle of someone who uses MORE THAN ONE Audio INterface (NOT simultanuously!) and switches the interface while working with one single project.
Your “historical” assumption that in one studio setup for one project only one interface is used is simply not sufficient (I am NOT talking about simultanuous use of multiple interfaces) - switching interfaces has to be supported, which will automatically provide a clever and useful way of handling audio connections reasonably

Yes please, external effects connections savable as presets!