Cubase 7 feels like home

Been dipping my toes in developing to expand my production to multimedia, and will say the general consensus among mobile developers that there isn’t a lot of money to be had in Android (at least nothing like on iOS). Piracy is a huge problem too. Furthermore, iOS is way ahead of the game in terms of the SDK being able to handle audio and specialty apps. Android is not quite there yet… So I would expect a big company like Steinberg would probably balk at risking investing big production dollars into a questionable market. Someday I’m sure it will happen… but for now if you want these types of apps, you need iOS. It’s not a “Steinberg” thing. There are tons of iOS-only apps, and it’s not due to discrimination against Android users.

Anyway. Back on topic. Cheers to C7. Looking forward to checking it out soon! (in the middle of projects at the moment)

coming soon !