Another question for Cubase and Logic users

You know all those times when you’re working on fine tuning an instrument, and later you realize it was the one from another track? Probably both have the same instrument, but slightly different, like Violin 1 and the other is Violin 2. So you’re fine tuning violin 1 but thinking you’re tuning violin 2, and then minutes later you realize you broke the adjustments you made to violin 1. Don’t tell me this never happens to you, because I try my best to prevent it, but eventually it happens.

Logic has one feature that allows you to toggle something in the instrument window toolbar, which if enabled, will automatically switch to the instrument for the selected track. It’s the one inside the green rectangle:

Does Cubase Pro 13 have anything like that?

No because there is no common Window used by different VSTi’s (or instances of the same VSTi). So each Instrument is going to have it’s own dedicated Window.

There have been feature requests for this, so maybe someday it will appear.

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But there is a common window. Every DAW has its own window that acts as a frame for the plugin the user selected:

Same way that Logic has its own window with a toolbar as you can see in the screenshot in my first post.

Sorry, am I missing something? As far as I can tell the whole video is about Logic. I already know Logic has that feature, my question was if Cubase has it.

I was sending the link to the previous feature request that was referred to. The more votes the more likely they’ll try and implement :slight_smile:

Oh gotcha, thanks!

Haha, not that common window.
Raino meant a window similiar to Channel Settings. If you switch to another instrument it would stay open and display the new instrument’s GUI. The Key Editor is another example of such a common window. It switches content depending on your selection in the project.

Since Steinberg has the concept in Cubase already it is hard to understand why for many years they haven’t expanded it to VST plugins.
I think a key question for the devs is: How can we have the current “every plugin in its own window” and the requested “common plugin window” at the same time? Because keeping two or more plugin windows open at the same time is also desireable.

Well, isn’t that another common window like the other ones you mention? Basically it’s like a frame, a wrapper that contains the VST plugin interface. So Cubase knows that it has opened a window that is containing that, and if the user needs to open another VST plugin, it will open in another one of those windows.

So why would it be hard to add some code to say that if the toggle is enabled, then the next time the user clicks on the instrument button in the track header, it won’t open the VST GUI in another window but replace the VST that is in the window already open?

I mean, if Logic can do it, I don’t see why Cubase can’t.

Hi, if you can compromise with a shortcut instead of a click, you can give this macro a try:
It basically closes all open plugin windows and then opens the one of your currently selected track.

There are always three reasons to chose from:

  • the good folks at Steinberg don’t like the idea
  • it would take too many resources to implement the idea
  • they don’t know how to implement the idea

There is a variation of point 2: They like the idea, they know how to implement it but there are many other ideas they’d like to work on before getting to this one.

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Very nice, I’ll give that a try!

I got carried away and started opening instrument windows without closing them, until I had like 20 open and my machine started to slow down a bit, so I remembered that someone had replied to me a while back about the whole plugin windows.

So I tracked this thread, and created that macro you suggested. It saved me lots of clicks and was and will be very useful.

Thank you sir!

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if you have Keyboard Maestro you can also make it open in the same spot so it looks like it just updates the plug-in to the currently selected track.
You still need to click once to call the macro though, unlike Logic/ Studio One

Cubase 13 is already enough of a train wreck through the copying MacOS/Logic behaviour and forcing it upon Windows’ users, without adding the “all instruments in the one window” paradigm.
I have never even come remotely close to the problem described - because the instruments are in separate windows.
Cubase is Cubase, Logic is Logic and never should the twain meet, to misquote Sam Clemens.

Cubase 13 is not a train wreck by far. Most of us may not like the GUI changes but I use several hours every day without issues and it’s one of the most stable programs I have ever used in both Mac and PC.

But what exactly does Cubase copy from macOS and Logic Pro X and forces it upon Windows’ users, according to you? As far as I can tell, Cubase has a very unique GUI and workflow that has nothing to do with macOS and Logic. I was using Logic before and I switched to Cubase because I saw that it’s much better than Logic in many ways.

There’s a thing or two that it would be great if it copied from Logic, mostly the ability to select a group of notes in the key editor, press a shortcut and show handles to shorten or enlarge that group of notes proportionally, like you can do in Cubase with parts in the project window when you select the pointer called “Sizing applies time stretch”.

Regardless of that, Cubase and Logic are very different animals, and I doubt they will ever meet.

For me it’s unusable - window white outs, buttons unclickable, tiny fonts here, huge fonts there, so-called “simplifying” the interface which has removed features that have existed for years, moving features around from here to there with no documentation etc etc.
The MacOS windowing system was bolted on to Cubase several years ago. It caused problems then, and it’s causing problems now.
The number of users reporting issues tells it’s own story.
If it’s working for you, I wish you well, and every one else lucky enough to be able to use it. For me, it’s a pile of crap that should never have been released. And Cubase has been my number DAW since 1992.

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This is just not true at all. Please don’t spread such “theories”

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Exactly. Or at least enlighten us on how “the macOS windowing system was bolted on to Cubase several years ago”. Both macOS and Windows have windows and always have since the 80’s. And I think Cubase is the less Mac looking software I ever used, or Windows like. It has its own personality.

@Googly_Smythe please don’t. Posts promoting wrong or false info will be deleted.