Any Update On The MIDI Timing Bug?

I just checked in to see if the widely reproduced MIDI timing issue reported at the thread below has been resolved at all - unfortunately that thread has been locked:

I’m battling with literally unusable MIDI in Nuendo 7 which I presume is caused by a similar problem:

If anybody has any further information on what’s going on with this I’d be hugely grateful. Every take I record I have to manually manipulate in the piano-roll editor, just to get things roughly lined up or capable of being quantized, and recording anything designed to sound ‘live’ or with any kind of feel is currently out of the question.

Thanks for any feedback.


The two links you posted are the same. If you are talking about what you described in is different.

In any case, the issue report you asked about is

Apologies Steve - post amended.

Thanks also for the issue report. I wouldn’t describe my personal issue as ‘jitter’ - timing variations are up to a 16th and note offs are sometimes not recorded at all, so it’s hard to get a handle on whether the issues are the same.

I’ll try and test further today, perhaps using MIDI over Lan instead of a physical interface, and see if I can make any progress. I’ve also approached Nuendo support (via Yamaha) but they have so far remained silent.

Thanks for your help.


No apology needed!

You might try testing using MIDI-OX and the midibar exe that comes with it to remove any variables MIDI over LAN might produce.

After some more testing, the issue appears to be Cubase/Nuendo specific and only reproducible in fairly busy projects.

If I open a blank project, recorded MIDI timing is pretty much perfect. I start to get some drift and timing inaccuracies in a bigger test project, and if I try and record MIDI in my normal working template (around 1500 tracks) MIDI timing is pretty much unusable.

Steinberg support and Yamaha Nuendo support have not responded at all.

Let’s continue in one thread, okay?