Anybody using Nektar Panorama with Cubase 10

You’ll be fine, there’s a few of us here that will help you out.

In Cubase 12 there’s a new MIDI Remote function, it’s possible you may wish to go that route instead of the Nektar ‘deep’ integration. Depends on your needs, of course.

Just remember that the ‘P’ series will be 10 years old this year, so may need a little bit of attention to get things running how you want.

Yes, Cubase Remote is much better… and a good thing to learn now as I suspect it’s going to evolve with a lot more advanced features

Would there be other better choices of 49key controllers with the best expression methods and newest easy to use features with at least key velocity & aftertouch hopefully not large or heavy. I was wanting to stay under $240. So I first chose an $180 used PANORAMA NEKTAR T4 MIDI Controller and then jump over my intended $240 limit T4 and ordered a $250 used Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Controller splurging up to a new total of $430 – can’t help but thinking about other possibilities in that $430 range if there are any? That is really more than I should spend, maybe should send one of these back, or resell one. I read the details about the strengths of each the T4 vs P4 they are each better in different ways and I couldn’t decide which I wanted and thought that really crazy thought best way to know is to test each. Maybe use each for their given strength doing different tasks. The P4 sounds pretty easy to map and the T4 has chord mode and note repeating, but I will have to try each out and see.
Do you use the new Cubase 12 MIDI Remote function with your Panoramas – Do you know of other as good or better choices for 14 key MIDI Controllers with some sliders and knobs, would a little joystick help much? I don’t think I will get into using the Pads all that much. I don’t know how long or when the P4 & T4 got release – I do think they both are still in the current Nektar linup still both on the current market.
Anyway… If you might comment on new or easier units might help.

P.S. - These are the Other MIDI Controllers I have reviewed and think that I would prefer Nektar P/T over: { Arturia KeyLab MkI, Arturia Keystep 37, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, M-Audios, AKAIs }

I have Korg’s MicoKeys 37 & 61-air and have been getting into several Soft Synths - I don’t use Native Instruments very much – just prefer different Soft Synths, like {Sylenth, Spire, Ava, Phase Plant, Korg Classics, SynthMasters, DS Thorn, Halion }.

So I think I have maybe done my research to arrive at the NECTAR’S in proper analysis.

“Do you use the new Cubase 12 MIDI Remote function with your Panoramas”

Above the screen the Panorama has 4 modes. the 4th button puts it in to a generic midi controller mode. This is the mode I’d used for Cubase new Remote Editor. Using the other mode for the downloaded integration. Using the 4th mode you can create pages in the Remote Editor with in Cubase and scroll through those, depending on what you want to control.

I can’t really recommend any keyboard controller as I’m selling my P6. I’ve bought a Mobi One Q3 instead for my controller and reverted back to my old Virus TI synth as a Master keyboard, which has an amazing keybed. I’m not really a fan of faders, an endless rotary encoder works better. The rotary doesn’t need a pick up or a motor to be where it’s at in reality vs virtual.

And, the Mobi knob layout suits the EQ section in Cubase much better than any of the 8 knobs layouts we get on a keyboard controller, you have to use the shift functions etc when jumping dials for Q etc, which ends up not being an improvement than just using the mouse. The Mobi has everything you need at your finger tips.

Novation Impulse was nice but the screen viewing angle was more for if you were stood the wrong side of it, it’s a decent size screen but the pixels are way too big, otherwise a beautiful keyboard. I did love the Nektar but the 8 knob and shift function isn’t for me (ruling out all of them). Perhaps each knob having a press function to switch them would help here (which yes, the Mobi has that too).

Hey Thanks for that input, that is interesting

Maybe someone could help me with a “used” Nektar Panorama P4 - flashed it with the cubase firmware, reset to factory defaults. The very first example in the user guide is to simply use the track +/- key to move to different tracks in cubase 11 and when I press one of those keys the P4s screen display begins flashing very rapidly as if there is some kind of midi feedback and I have to restart everything to get it to stop - any one know or have ideas why this is happening? Is this used P4 broken or is there a bad config somewhere - I am completely new with midi-controller use.
When I press the “Instrument” button it says “NO INSTRUMENT” , but the instrument IS displayed when pressing “Veiw”. Probably means I need to get into the MAP for the instrument, I am guessing…
More testing does show that other functions ARE working - transport control, solo, mute, faders.

I will say that I can’t get midi-ox to monitor the P4 - It gives the out of memory error which indicates the P4 driver is in use which of course, it is.

The other thing is - there is a discrepancy in the P4 “Cubase Setup & User Guide for Panorama P-series_Windows.pdf” MIDI Port Setup it shows conflicting settings in the “visible” i/o port settings.

Do you have tracks in the project with the same name? The Panorama does not like this. Each track name needs to be unique, otherwise it gets stuck in an endless scrolling loop.

Hey - Thanx for the input. Some of my trk name were same in the first 10 chars so I made all of them different in the first characters - didn’t help :frowning:

I think maybe my Cubase Studio Midi Setup is not correct for the P4 - Nektar web pgs are contradicting them selves, even in the same document. They really don’t have it together with their docs. There is so much that they have taken on to configure all these software objects, I am not surprised after all these years it is a mess. Broken links, conflicting configs - Oh my…

If you have a P4/6 in Cubase 11 - could you post the config in ‘Studio/Studio Setup/MIDI Port Setup’ AND ‘Studio/Studio Setup/Nektar Panorama P4/6’ - I could really use and actual working configuration example.
Thanks So Much!

I am gonna post what my P4 is in/out’ing in windows - I see an input when I hit a control to send output - not sure it should do that.

Panorama_P4_MIDI-OX tst 3

So you helped me with this problem. I started with an empy project and just add 3 synths that the T4 knows and now it is working. And I did switch from the P4 to the T4. I will try connecting them both.

But any way - Thanks for the HELP!! Doubt I would have figured out this limitation of the Panorama’s with Cubase.