Audio file in Dorico

Huy Guys! ULF!!!..are you there?

Is there a way I can add audio file in Dorico…tell you why…

I am doing and enactment of the SS Mendi, a ship with Black South African troops who perisher in the English channel in 1917.

My boss wants to hear some WWI sounds as the music plays in dorico.

Sound FX I can get, but how do I add it at places…even the sounds of the icy, foggy ocean as they are drifting in the water?

Can Dorico handle wav of mp3 audio tracks…or do we have to trick dorico by adding a video that has the sfx.?

Just asking.

Have a blessed week.
Hans Nel

You can’t add audio or video tracks in Dorico at the moment, I’m afraid. I suggest you go the other way, i.e. export audio from Dorico and then combine your exported audio with sound effects in Cubase or another of your many DAWs.

if you have Groove agent 4 (se) -load the VST, then you can put wave files on every of the pads ( plus you can the volume change and filter wave with effects)

Short of exporting a wav file and adding your effect tracks with a DAW:
you could make a plugin trigger your effect samples and loop them etc. Such a plugin would need a stave to trigger his sounds.

If you don’t already have a sampler plugin of your own (I.E. Groove Agent, Halion 6, Kontakt, MPC Essentials, etc.), you could grab sforzando for free and make an sfz text file which would map your samples to MIDI Note events. Then you could treat your special effects as a kind of ‘drum kit’ and play them back with a stave in Dorico.

Thanks guys…just wondering,

is there a way to convert a mp3 into a sample file…like a trumpet of violin sample which I can then load into a channel. Someone, who use Sibelius, created a sample of the hall sounds which one can load into Play?

Anyway, it would be great if our Dorico parents could add the ability to add an audio stave so that I can play the progress of my mockup to my boss WITH the sound fx loaded into an audio stave. I use Sibelius’ or Dorico’s vocal sample to demo to my boss, but just imagine if I could play the arrangement with the REAL audio singing along…singing which I recorded with Dorico.

What do you think Paul, you guys up to such a challenge? It will be a powerful feature. If one could add a max of say 8 audio track, one could actually record a choir into your Dorico project. I’m so tired of demoing my music to my boss with oohs and aahs…guys, its 2017 yes? Goodness I want Audio tracks while America goes NUTS! :smiling_imp:

Hans, dreaming as usual. :slight_smile:

Just convert the mp3 file to wav or ogg vorbis format, and then follow Brian Roland’s advice in the previous post.

You will probably collide with a heap of problems over tuning, and with keeping the rest of the Dorico playback in time with your choir, but it’s easy enough to try…

If you want to record a choir you need a DAW.
If you want real words from a synthesized part from a DAW (or Dorico) then you need some software that takes the phonetics and puts them together at the right pitch. Vocaloid and the like do this, but I believe it takes a while to set up for each piece.
Maybe one day you’ll be able to link this from Dorico, but I doubt it’s very close to happening. Yes it’s 2017 - only 2017. Ask me in 2027 (although I can’t comment on what state America will be in by then - or the UK!) :wink:

Another use of audio in a notation program is when you want to transcribe a piece - we know these things have been asked for and they are on the (long) list - in the mean time the suggestions above using sampler plugins aren’t a bad idea, but possibly not for the faint hearted.

There are a few Plugins out there capable of synthetic vocalizing. Of course it’s not the same thing as using real vocalists, but it’s good bit better than ‘ooos and ahhs’.

For choral stuff:
Symphonic Choirs

For a more Pop sound, have a look at packages for Vacaloid.

There’s also a pretty interesting free version of Alter/Ego plugin.

If you want to integrate real vocal tracks, then a full featured DAW is highly recommended. Not just for the audio tracking abilities, but also for the high degrees of sample editing, time stretching/shrinking, and extra slates of processing plugins that are typically included.

I note the OP already owns Sonar X3 and Cubase Elements, so he is quite well equipped to get by until an audio track comes up on the Roadmap To-Do list.

Of course, thanks to all you guys.

Yes, I record a soprano piece in the daw while my Sibelius music is playing.

Then I load the MP3 in Sibelius’ video function/dialogue box and now I can hear my song WITH the Soprano singing.

All I’m asking is what I see in a DAW…one can create Audio tracks, MIDI track and Normal Tracks.

It would be cool…really cool if Dorico would create a few audio tracks and Normal/Instrument tracks. I mean the Audio Engine is built already.

Then I could skip using the DAW phase and create an audio track in Dorico and load a mp3 or wav…recorded either in a DAW or especially sound fx (lasers, explosions, gun shots, horses what ever at certain hit points.)

I’m doing this piece of the SS Mendi troop ship that (just like the Titanic) sank, and we are going to use sound fx at the concert in October. I so much want to add the sound fx with the mockup as I demo my boss. The Sibelius way only works until the loaded “movie” finishes, then it’s game over…no more sounds.

AS you can imagine, I really don’t want to export my Dorico file to XML, mix it and add the fx EVERY time (which is every day Grrr!) he wants to hear my progress.

Anyway, it’s a NO GO…at least until 2017…right :slight_smile:

I will try the advice given above, thanks again gents. Enjoy your week further!

Hans :slight_smile:

I agree it’ll be great to have in the future.

Till then…

Export it as MIDI instead of XML, then all you’d need to do is import it into the DAW and match the VSTi plugins in your DAW. Dorico will export MIDI exactly as it translates for whatever expressionmaps you have loaded during the export.

Hopefully we’ll get Halion Sonic 3 SE as a free download soon. That would get you easy access to your Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO) library from inside any DAW. Until then, you can use the single instance HSO plugin with non-Steinberg DAWs.

Update: Halion Sonic 3 SE is now available for free download:


Since I mentioned Exporting MIDI Files for importing into other DAWs…

If you want your same HALion Sonic SE playback setup from Dorico, you could save the Multi-Setup in Halion Sonic SE (HSSE). Now it’ll be easy to open HSSE in your DAW of choice, load the Muti-Program, and direct your imported MIDI tracks to use HSSE.

You can get HSSE 3 from here:

Installing this should replace HSSE 2.

Dorico Owners should then have the following HALion content packs available in all of their DAWs provided the Dorico Licenses are applied (Either via the USB dongle or on the system’s software licenser):
HS SE Basic
HS SE Artist
HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Oh, WHY did it take so loooooong for me to become a Steinberg Fanboy?

VIVA STEINBERG! You guys are the world’s music scholars and developed the art and skill of taking such a large subject (surpassing something like Office by a 100000 times), and enabling a computer not only to understand the principles of music (intricate rules -which may be correct here, but incorrect there), but actually contribute towards making a composer’s/arranger’s life easier in creating his/her project.

You have the BEST coders who understand not only coding but MUSIC-CODING! Like Daniel always said: “Built for musicians, by musicians”!

I can also code, but by my God, I am light years behind your abilities! :slight_smile:

Soon, I’m going to replace the South African Defense Force’s current Software to Dorico. I just need to impress the procurement department the HUGE difference between Dorico and the other software. We have Finale 2011 and Sibelius 8.4…

Now, I’m waiting for the answer to: “So Warrant Officer Nel, WHY should we ditch Sibelius and purchase 10 to 20 Dorico Educational Licenses? Impress us”.

It was quite easy to move over from Finale to Sibelius. The students LOVE Sibelius and the teacher (that’s me) cannot impress THEM yet because, damn, I just cannot get a grip on the software. To me, Dorico feels like it has a MASSIVE intelligence going on “under the hood”, but it requires a connection to the user. Dorico needs to “speak” to the user through dialogue boxes or even better, a real voice that guides the user…something like “WOW! Stop right there, buddy! You cannot add that note because it falls out of the performer’s performing range. And you call yourself a musician!?”

No seriously, I can show my students some nifty stuff in Dorico already, but Dorico requires quite a paradigm shift. I actually stopped my project (which I decided a few weeks before to do in Dorico because the SS Mendi is a multi-movement performance with a Narrator, Sound fx, Video/Photo clips and of course the music - which includes the Navy Band, Choir and huge Pipe Organ…oh and a host of African Percussion). So I needed Dorico because of its amazing feature by using “flows”. But (as I mentioned before, my boss checkes my progress on a daily basis…I often wonder if Naval Officer actually HAVE jobs to do?), it’s a real battle to split my mind into two parts eg I need NOT to worry what WRITE MODE looks like…that is ENGRAVER MODE’S part. I add a tam-tam…it does not play. Copy and Pasting are not perfect yet and the lack of exploding and reducing notes is truly slowing the process. There are more little thingies I know will be fixed and I’m cool with that…but my boss isn’t. So I xml’ed the file and I’m back to Sibelius.

But, I know I will conquer Dorico. I just need time to watch all the movies over and over again.

I a year or so, Dorico is going to kick so serious butt!


We have to integrate:

  1. Music (including the abilities to adjust note’s properties and settings as well as the written aspect of it)
  2. Video syncing
  3. Adding audio capabilities to a track. (I cannot remember but it’s either Notion or StaffPad that can do that)

Anyway, GO Steinberg…GO!!!
Best regards from Cape Town
Hans Nel :smiley:

I hope this video syncing and audio file importing will be available soon!!!