Automation doesn't follow audio in shuffle mode

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with Cubase 10 where automation doesn’t follow the audio in shuffle mode.

Can someone please check if the same thing happens on their system:

  • Create an audio track and import an audio file and set edit mode to shuffle
  • Create some volume automation in the automation lane
  • Now, shorten the audio from the left (i.e. the beginning of the audio file)
  • The audio moves as expected in shuffle mode but the automation doesn’t move with it

Can someone please verify this happens with their system as well? I’ve already had a lengthy support ticket chat with Steinberg regarding the above but it’s still not clear if this a bug or a design choice.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The Automation nodes are not linked to the dedicated samples of the Audio file. They are linked to Audio Event. So if you shuffle the Audio inside the Audio Event, the Automation doesn’t follow this shift.

It works as specified.

I’m not talking about shuffling the audio within the part, I’m talking about shuffle as edit mode (as opposed to ‘grid’, ‘events’ etc…).

Then if you shorten the audio part, the automation doesn’t move with it.

Automation doesn't follow in shuffle mode

I made a screen capture to illustrate the problem.

thanks for the awesome information.

Hi Martin,

FYI: A Steinberg customer service employee has confirmed in support request that the behavior I’m describing is indeed a bug in the software. Hopefully it will be taken care of in the next version.


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