automation lane for pitch bend ?

hello everybody ,
i have a problem with the pitch bend in cubase :
i try to do pitch bend automation on a midi part .

only way to do it is to go to the key editor ? or can i draw automation lanes like other parameters like volume in the main window ?

i can’t do precise pitch curves in the key editor , maybe i’m doing something wrong , but i would REALLY prefer to do it outside the key editor .

is there is a way to do it ?
if not , how do you manage to be precise in the key editor ?
in exemple starting the first “sliding” from an octave to an other ? (short notes)

thanks a lot in advance !!

Are you controlling an external device or a VSTi? Which ones?

a Vsti ,massive to be precise :slight_smile:

On track in the project window enable automation Write (Green W). Wiggle the knob in Massive. Show used automation on the instrument track.

Yes i know this technique but i wanted to use the cubase built in pich bend , but with a automation lane , like volume in exemple .
So it’ not possible ?
( like in live in exemple)

That’s exactly what will happen … alternate method
Show that automation lane with volume on it … click in the bubble where the “volume” is … you will get a bazzillion other params to set.

yes :slight_smile:
but pitch bend isn’t here :confused:
how can i do to make it show please ?

+1 please Steinberg.

I’d like pitch bend on an automation lane for midi tracks too. I control a fair few external hardware synths as well as VSTi’s and I think it’s a serious omission. Along with aftertouch in fact. I’d rather use automation because it’s much easier to move and edit single automation dots than it is to draw lines of dots in the midi editors!

I thought it great when they announced the Midi to Automation function but it only works for Midi CCs :frowning: Time for an update for this to include other useful Midi realtime data too.

As a poor solution I use the Track Control Midi Insert. I have programmed a script for this which allows me to control just the MSB of the pitch shift message (I can’t find a way of making Track Control adjust MSB and LSB in a single automation lane format!!). So, at least I can automate +/-63 pitch steps across the full range. It works for tone, semi-tone and quick bends etc. but it doesn’t have the smooth resolution needed for fine tuning of course.


the lack of a proper way to pitch bend might be a deal killer for me

the key editor’s pitch bend is awful, I can’t be using the line tool for pitch bending, it’s a pain

and there’s no way to add an automation line for it either?

every other DAW I’ve tried has a normal pitch bend, it’s such a basic feature, what the hell?

I’m totally confused… I just showed pitch bend for Massive and it works fine. I use pitch bend to my external synths all the time? I’m totally lost what you guys are talking about.

Well, perhaps we’ve missed something JMCecil? I’d be grateful if you explain how you’re using it for your external synths and also for massive.


Do you see the pitch automation in the picture? Just select massives OSC Pitch …

Is it possible to record pitch bend midi cc info to an automation lane like you can with other parameters?

edit: Some synths (like Sylenth) have pitchbend in the list of automatable parameters.

Yep, pitch bend because it’s a knob on the VSTi and every parameter of a VSTi is usually automatable on the VSTi track. But, I’m talking about Midi pitch bend on a midi track. I don’t think there’s an automation lane for that.

JMCecil, how do you automate pitch bend on external synths?


Lets keep the two separate issues separate too. The OP wanted to control Massive via automation lane instead of CC. Which is a different issue than controlling external gear.

For Massive you have to use the OSC pitch because they didn’t provide Pitch Bend as a parameter. That is on NI, not Steinberg. This is strictly if you don’t want to use the CC lane in the Key Editor. Not sure why you wouldn’t but there you have it.

For controlling external gear, the automation lanes don’t have the global pitch bend, aftertouch etc … However, a lot of gear allows mapping and learn, or in the case of my modular, it’s whatever I choose to control the CV.

If you have a device like my Voyager where, like Massive, that don’t expose the channel spam settings, then no you can’t use the automation lane, you have to use the CC lane.

I hope that clears up the two things that were being cross discussed

Yes, thanks for clearing that up. We definitely still need an automation on a midi lane for pitch bend and other missing midi parameters.


Massive doesn’t have pitch bend automation parameter, like other synths. You have to automate each OSC separately, which is p.i.t.a. (you need 3 identical automation lines), or you have to play with midi pitch, which is another p.i.t.a. because there are no handles for easy editing/tweaking. Live has line/curve editing with handles for midi pitch band, Cubase doesn’t.

What I do instead is I use portamento to do pitch shift of mono sounds like bass lines, and automate speed of pitch shift by automating Glide/Time parameter. This works fine for Massive, but is not compatible with other synths. Say, if you make a bassline with above method, and then want to use that midi data on another synth as a layer, it doesn’t work directly, because each synth has different portamento internal response.

Handle/line/curve editing of midi prameters in Cubase would be great. Other DAWS have it already, but cubase is still the same as 20 yrs ago in this, you need to edit that mess of vertical lines. Sure there is line tool, but it is not useful for some tasks. Cubase system is fine for recording pitch bends, but not good for editing and tweaking. I hope they inplement curves/handles in all areas of data editing.

I really think that the priority of the midi development could be moved up a notch or two because it’s OK but it’s a bit long in the tooth in places. Yep, editing most things in the ‘mess of vertical lines’ is incredibly cumbersome, and not having everything available in the midi automation lane is quite annoying, especially as we have that new midi->automation feature now.


First … You CAN automate Massive Pitch bend using the Key Editor, via CC. People keep saying you can’t. You just can’t use the automation lane. This misstatement is what started the multiple conversations in the thread.

I disagree with this 10000000%. Other hosts choose to ignore MIDI resolution as the driver for MIDI automation. THAT is wrong wrong wrong wrong. Cubase chooses to continue to show you automation that is MIDI resolution driven. Which is correct IMO.

Sure there is line tool, but it is not useful for some tasks.

What is wrong with the line tools and the multi-select editor? Again, I don’t seem to have the same problem others have with the CC editor?