BAK Files: A life-saver that should have its own dedicated folder

I know this idea has been floated in the past but here I am in 2022 talking about it again!
We love BAK files! But I think it would be beneficial to everybody to have them in their own dedicated “Backup Files” folder.
So to recap, session folder heriarchy:
-Track Pictures
-Backup Files


***I know I am about to get inundated with solutions such as running scripts or third party app that put the bak files in folder, hide files with certain extensions or group files by extensions in the finder or win explorer… all very clunky hacky solutions if you actually do music as a job :slight_smile: ***
Love u Cubendo team


I’ve always disagreed with this. It’s very helpful to see all the versions I have in time order, including both the .cpr and .bak files. Even with 50 versions of .cpr for the same project, having them together causes me no confusion at all.


Actually I am with you here, prefer to have everything in one list sorted by date.
But I think it would not take a big code-rewriting to add the option to save it in a separate folder, just for those prefering to do it that way (reaper has that option i.e.).

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Actually I am with you here, prefer to have everything in one list sorted by date.

Maybe this could be a preference setting, a checkbox such as “keep backup files in backup directory”

Wish for a separate folder for backup files too.

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I have a lot of state saves enabled and it makes my project folder look cluttered and disorganized. We should be given the option to automatically file them away in a separate folder.

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REAPER has a nice solution here that covers both bases. You enter a path where you want the files. If you enter nothing (or possibly period sign) it puts them in the project root folder.

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Couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

PT has this basic behavior as well.

It’d also be nice if the back-up feature actually worked.

It has NEVER been reliable.

Some sessions refuse to ever create back-up files.
Others suddenly stop creating them after working well.

This has been discussed to death on the boards for years with various suggestions as to the reasons why it fails, but with no definitive outcomes and absolutely ZERO feedback or updates from Steinberg.

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Did you open a support ticket? I never had problems with backups, but if you have, you should contact them directly.

That’s really nice.

@Aulicon you should add the feature-request tag on this one

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A support ticket?!!

Sorry but please do a forum search - it has been widely discussed. It’s been a constant issue across all platforms since the very first SX release.

I’m afraid this is just one of those issues Steinberg has no interest in addressing.

Yes a support ticket. If you have issues, especially when they are urgent and you need an answer from Steinber ASAP, you should write the support directly.
This forum is mainly run by mods, who help to solve issues and answer questions. If there are bugs which are reproducible, and a lot of people have them, they will report these issues to the support staff. But why not doing it directly?
I always did and even if it can take some time, always got an answer and help.

Imho it makes more sense to open support tickets for issues, if you are sure these are bugs. I see the forum more as a discussion platform with other users, but if you need help from Steinberg directly, ask them directly.

I am fully with Tj99. Give us the possibility to choose whether the BAK files will be saved in its own folder or not. Everyone will then be satisfied and happy.

It takes so little to make a person happy. Come on SB…

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+1 for dedicated folder.
+1 for the reaper solution to let us choose the folder!


I have only experienced this issue a few times and I figured out why it was happening for me: I was opening a session with Cubase 10 and then open the same session file with another version of Cubase, say Cubase 12. This caused the preference file to freak out and change my backup files preference in the preferences panel.

SX was released in 2002. This has been a problem for 20 years now - long before the invention of these bulletin boards and telephone support tickets!

I’ve long ago given up worrying about it’s unreliability - which across multiple computers, Cubase versions and OS’s I’d put at being around 60%. I have it permanently turned on, but in the full knowledge that it is simply a useful addition to a proper manual backup system when it decides to work. I am only posting in the thread as a warning to other users - trust it at your peril.

I am not talking about telephone support tickets. You can open a written one inside of your account.
I am curious, as I don’t seem to have this problem, I also never had any reliabilty issues.
Can you perhaps link some of these big discussions? I am active here since C7, but somehow I did not notice that.

+1 for dedicated folder.
The project folder is very messy currently.

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+100000 for dedicated folder

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