Becoming more and more unusable from upgrade to upgrade

Recently, Dorico has been recently degrading from updgrade to upgrade. Particularly, the latest version ( is unbearably slow (on MAC OS 14.5), note entries get obstructed or get displaced to different bars, strange artifacts keep showing on the score, loading instruments became a matter of luck (and probabilistic wait time), and crashes are relatively frequent. Is there the possibility to choose which subversion to upgrade to in order to avoid having to beta test the latest version—yet being able to slowly upgrade with some delay to get rid of annoying errors (downgrading is always a painful process)?

Hi @Fugu I cannot confirm at all the issues that you are describing (maybe due to the lack of a detailed explanation and examples of what you are encountering).
If you read this 2 treads linked below, in case of issues, it is suggested to share sample projects and upload diagnostics, among other things:

About your “selective upgrade” request I cannot help, unfortunately.

But about you issues: there is certainly a reason for them. That can eventually be solved or mitigated, sharing here on the Forum the required informations, so probably without needing to downgrade:

can you share a sample project (to have an idea of the size and complexity of it) with diagnostics?

examples?, sample projects?, diagnostics?

which library? sample project? diagnostics?

circumstances? diagnostics?


You imply a linear degradation of performance as versions progress. Can you give an example? For example, is there a file you’ve been working on that from upgrade to upgrade has become less useable? Some specific examples are needed to diagnose your problem - just complaining achieves nothing.


The good news is that most people don’t have these problems, so it’s not Dorico in itself, but some combination of software and settings on your particular computer.

I would start off by checking all the things you have installed, such as “background processes”, third-party utility apps and any other non-standard installations.

But the more information you can provide, the more help you’ll get.


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