BUG: Cubase 9.5 Tempo Detection only works properly at 44.1k

Studio One and Harrison Mix Bus under evaluation in my studio.

I won’t be upgrading from Cubase 9.5.

Will post results here.

In short, it’s been 16 months since I first raised this issue. Bottom line, unless you are only using 44.1 Cubase is unable to perform tempo map functions which makes it unsuitable and unviable for professional use.

I hope the people who continue to see this problem report it in a support ticket. I can’t reproduce it on my system. I reported, and it was fixed- but not for every case, apparently.

I can confirm the bug still exists with 9.5.50.

Have tried to log a support ticket but have no option…

See Australian Support Unresponsive re BUG - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

In desperation to finish an existing Cubase project I’ve upgraded to Cubase 10.

In doing so, I uninstalled all Steinberg software, tracked down all Steinberg folders and removed them and did a completely fresh install of 10.0.20.

Confirming: the bug still exists in version 10.

Reported here : BUG: Tempo Detection Crash / Freeze - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


I tested this on Mac and Windows in Cubase 10.0.20 and Cubase 9.5.50. Both works as expected. I can Warp the tempo manually. No crash, no freeze.

Hi Martin, thanks heaps for testing. Can you confirm a couple of things?

Likewise, I can manually warp the tempo by using the warp tool in the tempo track.

My crash occurs when the Detect Tempo window is still open after using the Analyse function. My workflow (used to be) to analyse, then working through the event, adjusting manually for anything that wasn’t correctly detected, with the detect / analyse function still open and working to adjust points to the right of my manual corrections. This is the scenario that crashes.

Do you also have the detect window open after having first done the analyse in say a 96k project?

Many thanks.

Here is a screen capture of the crash.

(Note the child windows and menu drop downs don’t show). At the end the Cubase is frozen. Note the Detect Tempo child window is open (but not shown).


Now I can reproduce it. Btw, it’s Windows only. Reported to Steinberg CAN-22700.

Many thanks Martin. Much appreciated.


A workaround is:

  1. Once the Tempo Detection is done, click to the Object Selection tool (or any other tool).
  2. End the tempo detection session by clicking to Continue.
  3. Select the Time Warp tool again and adapt the map.

Or simple just close the Tempo Detection window. :slight_smile:

Yes that’s the only way… which is what I’ve been doing when pressed. However, inevitably the detection is wrong anyway (especially for 96k projects), so you end up having to make so many manual adjustments that it’s easier to build the tempo map from scratch. For projects that include time signature changes (for some reason I get too many of those!), there’s the added hassle of having to delete a whole bunch of tempo points too. Bottom line is that the tool is broken.

Not sure if it’s related, but another issue that got me last week was hit point detection in a midi track. The midi was recorded in to a 96k project without click. I needed to build a tempo map from the midi event and tried the detect process. It got it badly wrong per bug, but then I dropped the project back to 44.1 (and in trying to find a solution also exported the midi and imported into a fresh 44.1 project), however the hit point markers in the midi file persisted making it impossible to quantise or do any tempo detection. Ended up getting the musician to re-record into a 44.1 project.

Overall this whole area of tempo / tempo track / hitpoints seems to be going down hill in Cubase.

Still there in Cubase and Nuendo 11.0.41


Thx for the update.

After rising this through the Australian Steinberg distributor (Yamaha Australia) and being advised that there is no progress (this range is of bugs is now 4 years old), I have abandoned Cubase and now use Studio One – it works perfectly.


See also: BUG: Tempo Detection Crash / Freeze - #26 by BrendanMcL

Frankly embarrassing that such an issue is still prevalent even in Cubase 12 after all this time.

What bugs me about Cubase!! - YouTube - Provides a good step by step breakdown.


I’m having the same issue. And the thing is I had the same issue on 11 after upgrading from 10.5, solved the problem on 11 but can’t remember what I did to get it to work so I’m having an issue with 12. right now, smh