Cubase Crashes on Tempo Detection


So I recently upgrade from Cubase 11 to 12. I have created a few templates that work perfectly fine in 11, however in 12 Cubase crashes when I use the templates and I attempted use tempo detection. The weird thing is it doesn’t crash on 11.
So instead of using the imported templates, I decided to recreate one of the templates from scratch in Cubase 12, and it worked fine. Until I created 2nd one. Basically opening up the new created template, and making a few adjustments to the plugins. Now Both templates crash.
I tried reading the crash file, but I have no idea what to look for. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it with success?
I’ve noticed that people who had the same problem in prior posts never posted a solution.
Crash report included…

Any help would be great, thank you!
Cubase Crash Report.crash (165.1 KB)

Is there any plugin you added lately, which could be the cause?
If you load both templates in safe mode (standard prefs and no 3rd party plugins) does it crash as well?

So in the 2nd template, I’ve added 2 plug-ins.
I just tried, disabling plug-ins and preferences, and it still crashes.
Btw, it only crashes when I right click on the project window. When I exit from the “tempo detection panel” it continues as it should.
But again I don’t have this issue in Cubase 11.
And to make things worse, I had this problem before, but I can’t for whatever reason, remember how it was solved… :confused:

Can you post step by step what you do exactly to make the crash happen, so we can try to reproduce it on our Systems?
If you just open the “tempo detection panel” and right click in the project window, then I cannot recreate it (I am on windows though).

  1. Step I would open a custom template
  2. Import a track
  3. right click the track I imported and would like the tempo to
  4. go to project, select tempo detection.
  5. I usually click divide in the tempo adjustment
  6. I right click on the project window and I am Prompted with the message, Selecting a different tool will end the tempo detection session. Do you want to continue. Then I am prompted for Cancel or Continue. Either choices end with Cubase just disappearing and a crash report is generated and I’m asked if I would like to reopen.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thank you guys for your help.

So I decided to spend the weekend rebuilding each template by scratch. It seems to work fine at the moment.

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