Bug in MIDI CC curve editing?

Hello Everybody,

Is it only me, or there is a bug in MIDI CC Curves editing, compared to Automation Curves editing ? :

Is there a clean workaround ?

(Cubasis 3.3, Ipad)


Was searching for help on this topic, but it looks like midi cc editing is still not good. Does the development team agree this is a problem?

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@LSlowak ?

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Hi @mcmillan.jon,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum!

Please note that you’ve replied on a topic from May 2021.
Please let us have further details about your issue, to share them with the team.

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Thank you for the welcome! I am liking CB3- better than CB2. Feature updates are nice.

I replied to this older thread because I am having the same issue, and wanted to see if the team has acknowledged this as a problem. It seems like the issue reported here has not been confirmed as an actual bug to fix.

I have a couple of quick clips trying to show what I think is the issue. The CC curve can be initially drawn in CB, but trying to edit the curve by drawing another in its place renders a curve that is very choppy. The video should show that.

Also, it would be nice to have have a simplify function to reduce CC data points.

I attached a video clip from Auria Pro, showing the CC curve redraw much more as expected.

I hope this helps explain it !

CB3 CC editing

Auria CC editing

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Hi @mcmillan.jon,

Thanks for your message.
Glad to read that you do like Cubasis 3 better than Cubasis 2!

Your report will be shared with the team.

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Thanks! Let me know here what the team finds.

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I think the issue with CB MIDI CC drawing function is that more than 1 point can exist on 1 grid line. The Auria method replaces the point on each gridline as you re-draw them.


Hi @LSlowak , just checking if the team acknowledged that this is a bug to fix?

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Hi @mcmillan.jon,

We will get back to you once we have evaluated the topic.


Hi @LSlowak
Just checking on this. Any updates?
Thank you!


Still no movement on this?!? @LSlowak


The last three threads are about the same BUG and no response from Steinberg. This is weak!

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Hello Lars,

Does this bug has been shared with the developers ? What is their feedback, please ?
When can we foreseen this to be fixed ?

Thank you,

Hi @Tessph,

We hope to be able to resolve the problem in an upcoming maintenance update.
As of yet, I have no further information about this.


Thank you @LSlowak ! Glad to hear it is being looked at to fix.

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Hello Cubasis Team,
Just checking on the status of the CC bug. Any updates?
Thank you!
Jon Mc

You are right. That makes no sense for serial communication like midi. Especially commands as bank select or program change will get misinterpreted

This function is the main usage of an DAW and it is not usable. :see_no_evil:
Was für ein Armutszeugnis :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Been more than a year. The midi cc editor is still glitchy, it’s extremely fiddly, it adds excessive vertical points on every step. It does not redraw the curve properly when you try to draw on top of an already existing curve, making fine tuning laborious… better to clear it all and draw again from scratch, but there is no clear all button like on the automation editor, so you have to try to manually select all points and erase. Basically the midi cc editor could be reviewed to fix it’s issues and make it more user friendly.