BUG: Opening folded VSTi tracks

I don’t know if this has been covered already but just a small nuisance since I’ve been using the C6 demo.

This happens in projects that exceed the project window view, meaning I need to scroll down to see all the audio/midi/vsti/group/fx tracks. I typically put all my audio and midi tracks above the VSTi Channels. Okay, have a track selected (just pick the first one all the way at the top) and then scroll down to the VSTi Channels folded tracks and open it (hit the folder to expand it.) The project window jumps up the track selected all the way to the top. Why? I want to see the channel I just touch not that old track I have forgotten about by now! Added scrolling and mouse/pad clicks to get what you want. Should be fixed! Hopefully I explained this well enough… Stuff is tough sometimes.

I really love C6 and WILL be upgrading from version 5 when my demo expires, but I’d really like to see this fixed.

There’s a partial solution here in a thread I started a while back - something of it may ‘work’ for you…

Though indeed I’d like, as Funkydrummer put it, that the behaviour is looked at as TWO separate items.

Basically, experiment with the preferences - but what I’ve learned is to select the folder track FIRST, then unfold it… clicking on just the folder icon (as we’ve been used to doing for like, forever…!) gives the result you, I and others are pretty frustrated about…


Using arrow keys up and down the tracklist has been issue prone for as long as I can remember.

Hmm… O-K-a-y… and your mentioning this because…!? :confused: :question:

Try maximizing all tracks to the point where data is shown, then minimize vertical zoom.

There is no practical benefit, in scrolling the arrange view to a “random” track, when you expand a folder!
Keep the view still !

Disoriented, and pissed off, I then have to find my way back to the original location, through all the other tracks, lanes, and automation Big time waster and very frustrating! And it happens every time I expand any folder, in a large arrangement:(

I think that that when you expand the folder, cubase should keep the arrange view static, in the same position (ie not scroll to the bottom)

(There are some options in Prefs about view linking, but these link the arrange and mixer windows, and then, only when you explicitly click on a track.)

So we may need an extra item in prefs: "Always scroll view to currently selected track? "

It serves no useful purpose whatsoever, and (worse) causes work flow problems and much tearing of hair.

Of what use could this feature be???

Bemused, FD

Thanks guys. I’m glad I’m not alone, but sad there are others in same boat. I’ll try out that preferences option a little later today. 'See if it ‘works’ for me.

Hmm just realise that the “view jump” only happens when you expand a folder, but not when you collapse it.

Therefore, ONE of these two behaviours MUST be buggy, no?
(ie they can’t both possibly be “working as intended” - unless the design is intentionally schizo !)

You can change this behavior in Preferences>Editing >Project&Mixer >Scroll to selected> set to disabled.


Thanks for the reply Helge.

That does stop the window from jumping, but we then lose the synchronisation between arrange and mixer windows !!

i.e. if I click on a track in the mixer, the arrange window does not scroll to the same track (and the other way around as well)

So by turning this off, we are disabling other essential functionality (??)

Ok, I understand. We’ll have a look at it.

Best regards,

:unamused: Basically what is happening is that when you fold up a selected volume (or pan or whatever) track, cubase forgets that that track is selected and looks to select the first track it can find, namely the top track in the arrange window. All you need to do is to let cubase be able to remember that folded tracks are selected.

PS. this is also a problem if you have the automatic record enable feature on, because it also enables record on the top track, so you can end up recording on two tracks by mistake without realising it.

This is quite a serious bug. Helge/Chris without wishing to be disrespectful I think this illustrates my often repeated point about the bug list that Steinberg has. I’d like you to raise this with management of you can. This bug was reported very early on in 5’s progress, possibly earlier. So if Steinberg really do have a ‘secret’ internal buglist, was this on it? and if not why not? and if it was, why wasn’t it sorted?

I think as Steiny now have a much more open positive attitude, it would be nice to make a public buglist so that customers can see if EVERY bug they have reported has being addressed properly. O.K. this might scare off some customers, but this forum is for loyal people who’ve bought the software already, and believe me if Steiny removed EVERY bug that was reported, Cubase would have NO BUGS, and would blow the competition away as it has very cooler features than the rest. Steiny would gain more customers than it would loose for sure… Stability is the main reason people are put off cubase…

The fact that the buglist isn’t public I’m afraid means that Steiny are missing important bugs, because they can’t read every post in the forum. If the list was public (An open sticky with one post per bug) Op’s could point out to Steiny if their bug has been missed, thus 'tightening ‘the net’.

What say you Steiny?

You beauty!

Fixed in 6.0.2 :slight_smile:

This is awesome news! Can’t wait to try it out for myself.

It’s not fixed. Some old fool (ie. me) had set my project/mixer linking to disabled. So it appeared to be fixed, but isn’t. :frowning:
Sorry to get your hopes up, lads. I’ll just nip outside and shoot myself.

Forgiven… Now put all weaponry aside, and don’t despair too much oh great Funky One…!

I must admit, I did get a bit excited at reading that news. And it was certainly a big funky-thumbs-down-moment, discovering alas, it is not there this time…!

So Helge…? You looking in…? Thoughts…?


Yes, a bit disappointing. You are forgiven though. :slight_smile:

I’ve kinda got used to the fact that I need to click the folder top first, but certainly hope they fix this issue soon. Minor work flow killer for sure.

Hey Helge,
Please don’t forget about this :slight_smile:
It’s like a steering wheel in my trousers (It’s driving me nuts!)

I’ll give it a bump to (try and) keep it visible til Monday - no mods in here til then, because of their office move.

BTW - which as they say, means they will be much nearer the city center from where they used to be. Looked on google, street view - is it in the big ‘InfoSoft’ building…? no - the one next door, a bit further down, where that Canon office is…? Somewhere in there, big office block, red and cream coloured… Though, can’t see any building there in Frankenstrasse, that looks like this… http://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/archive/2011/05/03/article/limited-support-on-may-5-and-6-1561.html

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