C12 scrolling in VARIAUDIO window is broken (way slower)

Hey there, when scrolling in the VARI AUDIO window now, the scroll bar moves way slower than on C11, so it needs forever to scroll up and down.
In the midi editor this is still like before. Before the midi editor and the variaudio editor behaved the same. This is driving one nuts. Please fix this again.

Here a video where I compared the two windows, its like more than 10x slower now. Im scrolling the same amount in both windows.

And the middle mouse button drag which works everywhere in cubase, does not work in the VARIAUDIO window as well, why is that? This could have been a workaround in the meantime.

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Hope steiberg fix soon this problem !!!

From another thread:-

Maybe there will be positive news on the problem reported here too, in this update ‘coming soon’…

Well, hopefully. It’s a really unnecessary bug.

Not solved yet unfortunately. But they are aware of it, so I hope for 12.0.30 :slight_smile:

If you scroll when the pointer is over the keyboard on the left, it is faster.

I think the slow scrolling is actually intended, and I really wish they add this to the MIDI editor.
The only thing is that it is a bit too slow.

Maybe just add a slider in Preferences where we can define the scrolling speed ?
I think such a feature will be much welcome.

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Yeah, its just way too slow.
Funny that it works over the keyboard though, did not notice that. However thats still no workaround to always have to move over to the left to scroll.

Custom scrolling speed would be great for all I guess, I would be already happy if it was like before.

Same here. Scrolling with the mousewheel in Variaudio is waaay too slow, very uncomfortable and practically useless. Yes, over the piano bar on the left it is fast, but that doesn’t make sense to always have to move the mouse to the left, scroll, and then move the pointer back to where you were editing. Workflow killer.
Cubase 2.0.20/Win10.

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Yeah, wholeheartely agree. But they are up to it. I created a bug report and they said they will try to fix it in the next maintenance update!

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