C13.0.20 - tabbing to secondary commands in a dialog box issue

Annoying me since moving from C12 to C13 (on a Monterey Mac Studio)…

Example - I hit ‘Command W’ to Close the project. When dialog box pops up ‘Do you want to save the project?’ I used to hit tab twice to highlight ‘Don’t Save’ and hit return… when I do that now Cubase doesn’t execute the ‘don’t save’ but acts as if I’ve hit there Save button, prompting for a save location etc.

Same behaviour if you tab to Cancel - it doesn’t cancel…

Also same thing happens when I use ‘Set timecode at cursor’ - the dialog says ‘You modified the time code offset…’ etc. Yes is selected but if you tab to ‘No’ and hit enter it performs a ‘Yes’!

If you click on the desired option it works as expected.

I bet this is the same behaviour in other dialog boxes that we use - very annoying to me - can anyone help or confirm the issue? I wonder what has changed


Yes can confirm. It seems that keyboard focus doesn’t automatically go to windows that pop up.

It’s destroyed my use of muscle memory with decades of Cubase use.

I’ve found it extremely frustrating., so much so that I’ve gone to 12.

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Agreed - I’m sure it’s just an overlooked thing that could easily be fixed… I found a few other quirks with C13 that have messed up some of the Macros that I’ve got going here…
Going to have to bear with it and adapt until someone looks at it…

With Cubase Pro 12, I assigned a shortcut key to add a cycle marker to the locators.

When I used it, a cycle marker was added and the cursor focus was immediately on the name of the cycle marker in the markers list. This meant I could type away as soon as I used the shortcut key.

With Cubase 13, the name box is not in focus after this action and I have to use the mouse and double-click on the name box to add a name.


While we’re here, I think other behaviors of text boxes should make them focused without mouse actions. For example, in Project Logical Editors, when reaching for the drop-down with all the PLE commands, the search box should be in focus immediately.

Fortunately, it is in focus when using the Find track command.


bump for cursor behaviour – very simple fixes that can make life MUCH easier for Cubase users. Read above.

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Yes. I have to rename several hundred audio events today. It would be so much faster without having to click in the ‘rename’ text field each time.

Yes, it’s very annoying since the last update.

+1 and 100% agree, good idea. My issue with this is on Time Code at Cursor Position or whatever that is called…

bump for fixing such a massive regression in editing/workflow/speed/efficiency

I’ve just deleted my newly added topic about this issue as I found it had been discussed here already.
I used to use lef/right cursor keys to select buttons in dialogs.
This is VERY frustrating and needs to be fixed.
I’m on Windows 10.

Please use VOTES for this topic otherwise it might get overlooked or ignored :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s the same in other dialogs for example ‘Remove unused files’ and ‘Empty trash’. The left-most button stays selected (blue frame on Win10) and left/right cursor keys won’t select the other buttons.

Hmmm disappointed that this is not fixed in the latest update 13.0.30… I shouldn’t be a big deal but for some reason it’s really driving me up the wall. Tabbing to the different options we’ve mentioned above and it not working just feels broken.
Good that the inputting of locator positions/bar numbers is fixed though!

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Such a shame. Perhaps we need more votes for this topic so that this problem would be noticed :wink:

…is very under rated.

Let me tell you a story: In the 70s/80s I was a London bus driver (yes, really), I used to drive Routemasters. The indicator was a big, pardon the phrase, was a big red knob stuck on top of a 2 foot high column. You were supposed to twist it left or right, but we used to slap it, slap down for Right, slap up for Left.
WTF? I hear you ask. Bear with me.
17 years after I quit London Transport, I got a job driving a bus in Edinburgh… It took me 3 months to stop trying to slap that indicator that wasn’t there.
That’s muscle memory.
It took me from C10 to C11 to get used to the Preferences being under the Edit menu.
And C13 has so much moved around that whatever inspiration I have when I start a session soon evaporates in a fog of frustration.


Yeh it’s weird - only a minor annoyance but as we’ve been saying, that muscle memory is powerful stuff!



This is important for those of us who work with many repetitions and are used to it and makes us work faster and with less hassle.

Very annoying to have to do things slower or with more steps than before.

Yeh it’s funny - C12 to 13 I imported my Profile and I still had to change/fix a load of settings and Prefs. Don’t know what everyone else’s experience was

I had to reset ALL the colours. I use C13, now and again, but I just give up after few minutes and go back to C12. Which is a shame because C13 has a lot going for it. It’s just the shifting around of existing features - AAARRGGHHHH!!!

reading this I’m glad it’s not me but the machine …
but please fix this!
really annoying if you use cubase 12hours a day!

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