Vote for your most important feature request topics!

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed the “Vote” function in our new forum. I would like to encourage you to use your votes to let us know what your priorities are in the “Feature Request” category.

Everyday new ideas on how to improve Cubase are discussed in this community. But as diverse as the use cases, musical genres or production techniques of the Cubase user community are, as much differ the opinions on how Cubase should be improved in the future.

Of course, this is not a direct vote on the Cubase development backlog. There are a lot of factors that influence the decision what improvements the next Cubase version will introduce. But ideas or suggestions that are discussed and supported widely by the community, will definitely be considered by the team.

Depending on your Member Level you will have a specific amount of votes. So more active users in this community will have more chances to vote.

When you are entering you ideas, please make sure to tag your post with “Feature-Request” and please keep each thread focused on a specific suggestion instead of long lists.

It’s an experiment. I am looking forward to your thoughts.

All the best,


Hey Matthias this is a nice idea and I think that’s what everyone was expecting (and kept asking) from the voting system.

One note: the new forum is there since a while and the old since forever, there are many posts where ppl was not aware/ confident about the voting system, so they simply wrote “+1” in reply to some of the suggestions.
Presently there are posts that have multiple +1 from the users but 0 votes.
Any chance some of those already present ideas can be taken in account anyway?

Thank you!


So. Can you describe how you will aggregate this requests?
There is usually requests for getting midi control over the pre section in a channel 2-3 times a year and have been so for soon about 10 years. (Or at least 3 different cubase forums).
But they are not ONE so it get maybe a few votes here and there. The question is not about that specific issue, it is about how similar features get right priorities.

And it might also be good to separate bug fixes from new features in voting.

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Can I vote for the restoration of Houston Mission Controller support in Cubase 11? Although I upgraded to 11 I’m still using 10.5 Pro because my studio was built around my Houston and CC121.

Hey, Unfortunately the +1 cannot be taken into account in the new voting system.

We haven’t forgotten about the Generic Remote Support for the pre section. (BTW: Did you know that you can control the Channel Strip modules with Generic Remotes when the modules are loaded?).

As I mentioned, we are taking the feedback from the forum serious. There have been many cases in which forum members have been contacted for detailed feedback as well. But there are a lot factors that impact the development priorities. The new MIDI remote API that the team is working on is influencing the resources for the development on the Generic Remote topics in example.


The Houston Controller was discontinued many years ago and doesn’t even support the latest USB standards. But the chances are good that we will bring it back as “unsupported” aka “use on your own risk, we don’t test this any more…”.

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Thanks Matthias, I use my Houston through midi on my UR44 along with a USB connected CC121. I’m really missing it. Any ideas on a timeline?

I think it will be a hard nut to crack, voting for feature requests. The votes are too few and the requests too dispersed.

For example, I personally am out of votes at the moment. 4/6 votes I cast are in topics regarding key commands. That could be one vote (depending on how broadly we interpret a feature request.)

Another one is the handling of “Mute Pre-Send when Mute”, that from what I gathered went through “Issues” at one point, only to decide that it’s implemented as intended and misunderstood.

The final vote is on having newly added tracks not add themselves to any visibility configuration.

So essentially, I have 5/6 votes cast that may be completely worthless. However, I hesitate to retract them, as I do consider those requests important.

If I were to retract my votes and cast them to new and better requests, you (the team) would be left with a picture of “feature request of the week”, or the most “fashionable” ones. Or people would feel they need to vote in feature request threads that are compilations of many small requests of the same nature, so that they feel they get the most out of their vote.

I just wanted to express my thoughts, I don’t feel negatively or positively regarding votes, just troubled on how it would be better to handle it, as feature requests traditionally have many “quasi-duplicate” threads that may be asking for the same thing with slightly different words, at different times.

I do appreciate your initiative very much though. :+1:t3:

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three votes for this topic already :smiley:

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:rofl: 15 chars

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As I said, it’s an experiment. I would suggest to give it a try for a couple of weeks and then we could review how it is adopted. Maybe this is something that needs to be management more actively to make it work. Like asking for votes on specific areas of Cubase and set an end date to discuss the results with the community afterwards.


I think you get more votes the more you participate on the forums

Exactly. I can see that working much better in a defined timeframe.

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Yes, that’s why @Martin.Jirsak can overrule us all! :grinning:


Eh, I got six. They’re ok. I used them. If we had a timeframe in place, I would get them back at some point (2 weeks, one month?). But I would get them back.

I wouldn’t like speaking just for the sake of speaking to get more votes.

@Dr.Strangelove is it there a setting to display in the main view also the votes of a post?

(to be able to sort of course)

who spent their votes on this thread? :rofl: