Can´t use tutorials in Dorico 4 because of missing playbacktemplate.xound

is there a problem thru the installation of Dorico 4?
Allways the same error of missing playbacktemplate.xound.
It is not installed on the system.
I can´t use all of the tutorials that are shown in the hub.
Where can i get this missing playbacktemplate?

Thanks for help
Kind regards m_b

I’m afraid this is a small mistake on our part, that will be fixed in a forthcoming maintenance release. However, those files will still work if after opening them you go to Play mode, choose Play > Playback Template and apply one of the templates there.

Thanks Richard_Lanyon,

but how can i then start the guided tutorial?

In the manual i read:


Provides access to learning materials.

    Hands-on tutorials: Displays available practical tutorials that introduce you to common operations directly in Dorico demo projects.

How can i start this guided tour?
Or am i wrong and this isn´t a guided tour?

Simply opening the hands-on tutorial should be sufficient. A small blue overlay should appear in the middle of the project window with further instructions and small videos for you to follow.

After clicking away the error that the playbacktemplate.xound is not installed on my system the Dorico project opens and nothing else happens.

This is the same on all 4 hands-on tutorials.

Then you may have to wait for the first maintenance release to correct this problem. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

No problem.
Many Thanks Daniel.
Dorico 4 is a great upgrade with many new features!
Working with it makes so much fun.

When this maintenance release is planned ?

Just read beginning of February.


Thanks :wink:

Seems not corrected in the last release.

Oh? It certainly should be. I fixed this myself, and I just tested it again, and the tutorials open up just fine.

Yes they can be loaded and convertet to Dorico 4.0.10 now. But how can i start them, i thought it would be a guided tour? Or am i wrong?

When you open them from the Learn tab of the Hub, you should see a small blue window in the middle of the display, describing what to do.

After opening from the learn tab of the Hub there appears no small blue window. Even after waitung several minutes. Same with Dorico 4.0 and 4.0.10 on PC.

I´ve recorded it here

Ah yes, that’s because you’re using the German-language version. Sorry about that – the guided tutorials are only working properly in the English-language version right now. This will be corrected in the next update.

I changed the language to english and it works.

After having changed from french to english (which causes the tutos to work), reverting to french causes the menus not to be translated in french (certains things are in french, others in english)