Can't activate Padshop Pro 2 license on new computers

I recently moved computers and have a Padshop Pro 2 license on my eLicenser dongle. Re-activating Cubase 10.5 worked without issues on the new computer, however it refuses to recognize my Padshop Pro 2 license and I get a message saying the VST is not licensed and to start Steinberg Activation Manager. What do I do?

Steinbergs support so far has failed to give even the smallest reply to my ticket in over a month…it really is absurd that a company practically ghosts their customers.

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It’s not necessary to reactivate Cubase 10.5, of it’s Cubase Pro 10.5. I’m also not sure the Steinberg Activation Manager plays any role here. Did you update the plug-in and did you ask for the new license? Or is the plug-in still licensed by eLCC?

No exactly, Cubase works without issue. For Padshop Pro, the license is on eLCC but Padshop won’t recognize it. When opening Padshop it says “License missing”. How do I solve this? I haven’t heard anything from Steinberg, I’ve opened a second ticket now as well.


Did you buy the license or are you talking about the one, which is part of Cubase license, please?

It’s a “Padshop Pro Extension”-license that I’ve bought. I can see it under “My products”.


The “Padshop Pro Extension” is not using the new Licensing system. So it has to be in the eLCC.

Can you see the Soft-eLicenser Number?

Yes. I can see it, it corresponds to the number for Cubase Pro 10.5 and the USB-licenser as well:

Problem is that Padshop Pro 2 does not recognize this license when I open it in Cubase.


I’m sorry, In rubbing out of ideas, you should get in contact with your local Steinberg support.

So you are not using the Steinberg Activation Manager at all, right?

Exactly, I’m not using it at all. I’ve already put in two support tickets with Steinberg support but I haven’t heard anything at all from them…one ticket is already over a month old. Dreadful support, not sure why I should continue paying for their products if this is how they’re going to do things.

Hi @joni1,

as far as I understand it, there’s no such thing as “Padshop Pro 2”.
There are either the older Padshop / Padshop Pro (extension) licenses (like yours) or two versions of the younger Padshop 2 license (which, in its newer updated versions, has become “hybrid” and should work in the eLicenser world as well as with the new Steinberg Licensing system):

  • (1) Padshop 2 bought as a single VST instrument license, or
  • (2) Padshop 2 license bundled with Cubase Pro 10.5

What you described had already been talked through in the past, a couple of times (three forum thread links, pls. find them below by clicking “Summary”).

First question: are you sure which Padshop installer type you’d used?

For your license type, there probably shouldn’t be any actual version of Padshop 2 installed (there’s some danger of overwriting the older Pro version), since this one can’t be recognized by eLicense Control Center in combination with your older extension license, and this is probably what you received as the license warning (there seems to be some sort of license recognition mismatch, if I’m not entirely wrong).

If you need to re-download your matching version of Padshop (Pro), here’s the link to the download page for the install package that matches your license type (AFAIK unsupported, please use at your own risk):

Padshop Updates and Downloads | Steinberg


Possibly helpful references:


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(3) (very enlightening commentary by our forum colleague Mr. Soundman)

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