Cant fix input in audio connections

I have installed Cubase 12 pro , as a new user (never used it before) /
i load a vocal sample from the software presets and when trying to hear it by pressing play ia cant hear any thing , i searched for some videos on youtube, they tlaked about setting my sound card right on studio setup and audio connections , i have a built in sound card with my laptop , have no microphone , i have only a pair of monitors and a midi keyboard .
i can fix the output on audio connections but cant fix the input (it says “not connected” all the time) when trying to change it to the built in sound card it does not change .
please i need help , so eager to use the software and make music , but currnetly am facing this basic problem .

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Why do you need an Audio Input? Are you going to record any Audio signal? Do you have a proper input at your built-in Audio Device?

I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL, if you have no dedicated ASIO driver.

I will record in the future
Not in the near one, for now i want to get familiar with the software and create electronic music
What is ASIO4ALL ?
Is it an external sound card ?
Would it fix the problem ?


Once you will need it, I would recommend to buy a proper Audio Device.

ASIO4ALL is a virtual ASIO driver.

It’s a 3rd party freeware ASIO driver. You can download it from the guy who created it directly. It is presumably the most installed ASIO driver of all times. Google ASIO4ALL.

After installing it in Cubase you need to go to menu Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System

Do yourself the favor and read the manual on how to set up your system correctly. It is really worth it, even though it might sound boring.

In case the problem is still present after doing the above, please refer to this guide on how to setup Windows correctly (I just assume that you are a PC user):


hello again and thanks alot so far , downloaded ASIO4ALL , finally i have audible audio on cubase bay , but it only comes from the biult in speakers of the laptopt , i connect the monitors via speaker jack and no audio comes out , only through the device speakers .
how can i solve this problem ? the other thing , if i get a soud interface with it is own ASIO driver and then connect my monitors and midi keyboard to it , would it solve the whole issue ?
i have read that the sound quality and latency improves when connecting the monitors via sound interface , right ?
thanks in advance again .

If your soundchip is a Realtek, maybe this can help you:

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So the way it works as far as I see it is that your computer has a bunch of hardware, and you choose a “driver” to get access to that hardware. ASIO4ALL is one such generic driver, and if you buy a dedicated interface it usually comes with a driver that was written by the manufacturer.

Once you’ve installed a driver and chosen that driver in Cubase, Cubase will see inputs and outputs according to what the driver “shows” it. So if you don’t see an input or output then the driver for some reason is not showing it. It could be a compatibility issue or it could be something else.

See Johnny’s reply. I typed the above while he typed his reply.

Yes, and probably yes, respectively.