Cant Seem to get Fader Port to work with 8

Hello Group: Does anyone here use a Presonus Faderport with C8? I can’t seem to get it to work. I see it under the Device Setup under MIDI Port set-up, which Im sure sure if that is correct as its not a MIDI controller its a transport controller.

Does anyone here use a fader port with C8 or how do I hook this baby up?

Thanks in advance

I even tried to download the driver from Presonus’s website and that does not seem to work either. Still works perfectly with Studio One so I wonder if it’s just not comparable with C8?

Same here :frowning: Even though buggy, I did get it to work on C7.5.

I have it working here on 8 Pro on Windows 7 64

Firstly don’t do any Presonus firmware updates - if you do, the controls will work but the fader will not move. I had to go back to 1.2 installer and firmware to get it to work properly. If memory serves, it was the 3.8 software that really screwed things up! Presonus are pretty useless in that they haven’t bothered to properly explain the problem or fix their dodgy firmware.

Secondly, don’t copy any DLL file to Components and select as with earlier Cubase versions…waste of time! Just install Mackie HUI as a remote and then select Faderport on the MIDI in and out.

Finally, in MIDI port set up, un cross Faderport from All inputs, or else there will be a constant meter movement and possible MIDI note being generated. Restart system.

All functions work, except that there is something odd about the Channel select and Bank implementation, which means that sometimes you select the wrong channel in error. I haven’t figured out exactly what is going on.

One other thing. By default Pro8 is set to JUMP on fader control. Change this to TOUCH, or else you’ll be knocking faders out of position as you go to them. Preferences>Editing>Controls> Slider Mode> TOUCH

Hope you get it working!

Yeah, it cycles 8 channels. Once you reached the eighth you have to move banks to go to the next 8. When you have 18 channels and reach the last one it cycles the 11 through 18.

Send a support request to Presonus please, I just did.

look on the bright side even though your mixer doesnt work just think how impressed a client will be when they see the “Pro” splash screen…assuming it starts without crashing LOL. what a joke.
on a positive note - 7.5.30 works great im truly happy with it i have learned my lesson the $$$ way about being an “early adopter”(sucker paying beta tester). live and learn i guess. caveat emptor

ps same thing here… seems any surface controller using mackie with more than 8 faders doesnt work. probably fixed in 8.5 “for a price.” im betting it works fine with nuage though.

I have been back and forth with PreSonus I purchased the FaderPort last week and it only runs in 32 bit mode as you know for native mode. They couldn’t give me any info that they are working on an update and it looks like they haven’t updated it since CB5 by looking at the package file for the latest version on their website.

A work around that actually gives you more button mappings then the native mode gives you is to boot Cubase in 32 bit mode, set up the PreSonus FaderPort in Device Setup. This way it sends distinct MIDI messages (not HUI). Then start Cubase in 64 bit mode and the FaderPort stays in it’s native mode.

The Pros:

  • Every button can be map to controls (in native mode anything that is in the dark blue area can’t be mapped)
  • You can have the fader focused on the selected channel/track
  • Touch button didn’t do anything in native mode and now it can be mapped to a parameter

The Cons:

  • You have 127 steps of resolution with the full fader throw instead of 1024
  • Pan doesn’t work since you can’t map pitch wheel data with generic remote and since there aren’t two controls one for pan left and one for pan right to use the relative switch with.
  • The secondary functions you got with the shift button no longer work.
  • Lights don’t toggle to update the state of what they are mapped to unless you use the XML called “2015-01-26 PreSonus FaderPort - Native Mode Light - Skillet Custom.xml”
  • The selected fader doesn’t updated to the selected channel (see next post for an update that makes this work, the first two are the only two remaining cons)

The last con is the biggest killer, and the point of the motorized fader in the first place! There might be a work around for this but I wasn’t able to figure out with MIDI Monitor

I was able to have the fader change states from full to all the way down but it sends out 4 MIDI messages with only two of them changing and they are CC 0 (course) and CC 32 (fine).

I have attached the mapped out Generic Remote you can use with this as well as the spreadsheet of what messages are sent as well as what messages toggle the lights. Kind of lame they are not mapped to the same thing as the button then Cubase could transmit the state.

Note that if you are looking at the HUI part of the spreadsheet that the numbers increase in groups of 8 for channel specific things like mute, fader etc. I have the last fader selected in the example on the spreadsheet (i.e. 7 since it starts with 0)

Update: I uploaded another Generic Remote XML called “2015-01-26 PreSonus FaderPort - Native Mode Light - Skillet Custom.xml” that has the lights that toggle several buttons are mapped to my own macro’s and the second light switches would be nicer in the map if they were side by side but I didn’t want to start all over again to make that happen since Steinberg doesn’t let you reorder them once created.
2015-01-26 PreSonus FaderPort - Native Mode Light - Skillet (2.6 KB)
Device Setup - Presonus Fader Port.jpg
2015-01-26 PreSonus FaderPort - Native (3.53 KB)

Okay here’s an update. The fader now updates to the position of the selected channel. This took a while and a lot of testing but hopefully it helps someone. Be sure to check out the Read Me in the attachment.

For those working with a multi-fader control surface this post might be helpful for you in focusing the selected fader and associated channel strips quickly while editing in the Project window.
PreSonus FaderPort - Cubase Generic (955 KB)

Why ?
I have it in my components and work with it…

Yes, folkfreak it will work native, but if you’re using Mackie Hui, it works without needing the .dll in Components

Working perfectly in C8 here. I love my Faderport.

You’re in 32 bit right or are you use the Generic Remote map?

Win7-64. Faderport listed as device, works perfectly.

Do a forum search on installation

I guess that is a Mac only thing, I have installed it in the app itself on Mac by showing Package Contents. I have also been back and forth with PreSonus tech support and they said it doesn’t work in 64 bit on the Mac. If you are aware of a post on the forums for Mac that has this working in 64 bit I would love to know about it, I couldn’t find any.

This might still give you some benefits since you can map every button with of course the sad loss of panning as mentioned above. Thanks for your post in letting me know, I’ve been waiting for weeks to hear back from PreSonus tech support about this.

I have added a slight modification since I have noticed that over time Cubase looses the fader mapping when you have it assigned to the same parameter for the same Generic Remote. I think it is trying to be smart and not allow duplicate mappings to the same thing. Attached is the fix which makes it have up to 8 Generic remotes but should only take you about 5 minutes to import set and leave. The 9th Generic Remote in the screenshots is for the Korg Nano Key I have and is not needed for the FaderPort.

If you ever restart your computer and the PreSonus FaderPort goes back to HUI just leave a copy of another version of Cubase you may no longer use set to open in 32bit mode to quickly get you back to PreSonus FaderPort control. (1.27 MB)

Mac users should avoid the Faderport until Presonus updates drivers for Cubase 64 bit. (I’m not holding my breath, though) The Presonus-recommended Mackie HUI mode workaround is clunky solution, at best.

I wish Mackie (or any other reputable company) would release a single-fader controller solution for professionals. Even with a supported DAW, Faderport buttons are loud, stiff and hard to press. The only good thing about it is the fader.


I agree the HUI mode is not really a solution if you have more than 8 tracks which kind of defeats the purpose of having something that is always locked to the selected track.

I completely agree with you about the fader being the only good thing. I wish I could shave off all the other stuff including the pan which to me also doesn’t feel very nice to turn. Though I mapped all the buttons I rarely use them it was more just one of those OCD things that if I am going to have a bunch of buttons they better be mapped properly.

I’d love to see something released in the same foot print with four faders that either map to the fader of the selected channel and first three sends or the selected channel and first three other channels it is routed too like the key command “Agents: Show First Channels that are connected to the First Selected Channel”

I was in the same boat - I bought the Faderport about two weeks ago and regretted it when I plugged it in and noticed the functionality was just not there in Mac OSX 10.10. There was a workaround using it as a Mackie HUI but that’s not why I bought it. I’m returning it and going with the CC121 after hearing that some of the Steinberg CMC units are discontinued as well…

Yeah, the HUI interface was designed back in the 1990’s when studios were built around banks of 8-track ADAT machines… Hardly a useful protocol for the modern DAW.

Faderport… rockin’ like it’s 1998! :smiley:

There was a workaround using it as a Mackie HUI but that’s not why I bought it. I’m returning it and going with the CC121 after hearing that some of the Steinberg CMC units are discontinued as well…

FYI I read on another forum, a thread about the CC121 also being discontinued.
So of course there is some speculation that maybe a new controller is on the way!

A new controller would be welcome. However, there’s a big difference between the compact, (supposed) multi-DAW Faderport and a bulkier, DAW-specific unit like the CC121.

All I really want/need is a CMC-CH-style controller with an actual, 100mm motorized fader. (And 1,024 steps w/o requiring a key press, please…)