CC-121 Erratic behavior with Cubase 10.5

Working as it should till 10.05
Erratic behavior now when trying to change Aux send levels ( responds to Aux mute on/off correctly though )
Checked everything else - found all OK
Did the usual uninstall - install etc ( for both Cubase and CC121 - Yamaha driver )
Maybe not so important for many people but it’s the only controller we are able to purchase with direct - no hassle compatibility at a logical price.
( or it was ? )
Anyone else experiencing the same problem ?
( Windows 10 AND Windows 7-64bit … same behavior in both platforms )

Same problem. I can’t control level of aux send.

confirmed - its ok when you first add the fx into the aux send slot - but stops working when you change channels and change back

I’ll log a ticket with steinberg - but they won’t reply - the never do

works fine with cubase 10 and nuendo 10

If Steiny ever replies to this CC121 forum, you can be very happy.

that’s true - but I put a support ticket in via mysteinberg - but they don’t really think “support” is a thing

totally useless

Also reported here:

Did you guys get any feedback from the official Steinberg support regarding this issue?

zero response - as expected

Sad, indeed. Anyway, have you find any workaround to make the sends work on 10.5? I mean, something like replacing some preference file in the Cubase 10.5 application folder with the corresponding one from Cubase 10?

nope - I suspect the problem is deeper than that. They’ve broken something in this release. Usual SB slackness

Hey, it seems that steinberg know that CC121 doesnt work in 10.5, they admit in compatibility page. Update in march:

Those are good news, thanks for pointing it out. In fact, it seems that the document was just updated yesterday.

That’s really great news to read about the March 2020 update!
I actually ordered the CC121 after having read this in the forum.
During the last years I’ve been using several controller that have all worked fine. Some of the too bulky, some of them looks cool but does not really help the work flow.

On Monday I’ll receive the CC121 and I’m quite exited be see and feel it for the first time ever. Then I’ll wait for the important update until March.

The update is available now! See the announcement for details:

Everything now is working as it should.
Confirmed for Win10 - Cubase 10.5.12