CC121 and Mac M1?

Can I hope for connectivity…?

Any info on this? I’m going to be getting M1 Mac soon and would like to buy the CC121 as well, unless it’s not going to be supported.


Got the MBP with Apple Silicon and used it with Cubase 11, the CC121 didn‘t connect yet. Perhaps I made a mistake with the setup?! It‘s been a long time, that I connected it in the first place on the old machines (MBP from 2013, still running nice though). Any Ideas?

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There is no support yet. And who knows when?

I just received my CC121. It seems it doesn’t work with my Mac M1 / Silicone / Big Sur.

I bought the device since I believed it is supported, or soon will be supported on Mac M1:

Steinberg, please advice!

Thank you.

I have exactly the same issue on a M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur 11.3.

  • running *Cubase 11.0.20
  • installed TOOLS for CC121 V1.7.7.pkg
  • “Cubase ready” button on the device is blinking
    Cubase sees it in the devices list, but when I try to add it, it does not get added.
    The device worked perfectly on my previous computer, so Im pretty sure that it needs an update.
    Steinberg team, any help?

Steinberg released the latest Yamaha USB-MIDI driver (V1.5.0): Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver V1.5.0 · 4.7 MB

It has to be installed on top of TOOLS for CC121: TOOLS for CC121 1.7.7 · 4.7 MB

More info: CC121 | Steinberg

I’m confirming everything works for me after installing the driver (Cubase 10.5.30 on Mac M1 with Big Sur)! :slight_smile: :+1:

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Same for me, now it works again. Thanks Steinberg for the driver update!

Of course now it only works in Rosetta mode in C12 so we are still waiting for M1 drivers. Unless there is something else to make it work.

C12 is released and I still cannot use the CC121 on a M1 native machine

Is your C12 running native M1 or Rosetta ? C12 defaults to Rosetta even though it claims to be native when you first install it. My CC121 works in C12 Rosetta on My M1 just not in native mode.

We need the native drivers which they are still testing :frowning:

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I would like it to be working on Native now ,even some of the C12 promotions show the cc121 as part of C12 but its not working if you’re on native.

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Yes I saw those videos and thought exactly the same thing. I can only assume that the guy in the video had the beta drivers or he is Intel. Hopefully they will get released soon. (11.3 KB)

Okay so here is my attempt at a midi remote mapping for the CC121 to work with C12 native until we get the real drivers

Just unzip and import it.

The EQ Type button takes you to a second mapping page where the ‘G’ gain dials will change the EQ Type and pressing the ‘EQ Type’ button again will go back to the default page where the eq controls are normal again.

The ‘Lock’ button I could find no use for in remote mapping so it has been changed to cycle through via the Next Mapping page. Send 1 and Send 2 mapping pages can be accessed from the lock button. The EQ Type button returns to the default page from those two send pages.

On the send pages you have control of quick control 1 to 8 and sends 1 to 4 and on Send 2 page you have quick control 1 to 8 again and sends 4 to 8. Rows Q and F are quick control and G is the sends. The on buttons turn on and off the sends on the send pages.

The 'Jog" button I could find no use within remote mapping so I made that toggle between the play head returning to it’s start position or stopping where it is when you press stop.

Play also toggle to stop if pressed again.

The value dial on the tp right is metronome volume and pressing it turns it on or off.

Function key 1 is now zooms in, key 2 is zooms out, key 3 is zooms vert in. key 4 is zooms vert out.


HI, still no driver for CC121 to work Native with M1 ?
Please Steinberg can you give us date?
I want to use my Cubase 12 PRO native with my M1 MBP! I have all my plugins that i use native, only
CC121 dont. Please give us new informations, if we can hope for the CC121 driver to work native with Cubase. Is important for us CC121 users!


So still no driver for CC121 on M1 ?

I just checked and on the steinberg CC121 page it is mentionned that it works with C12 and N12 … which is a lie !

It works, but only if you run Cubase 12 in Rosetta mode.
But we still waiting to run the CC121 Natively.

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There are some remote mapping’s on this forum for the CC121 you can use. I created one but there is a far more popular one on here too.

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Does anyone know when we can expect M1 native support for CC121? I am buying Mac Studio soon and want to be able to experience the full potential of its power (not to use Rossetta unless I must)

Hi, I tried to setup my old CC121 with my new Mac mini M1 with Cubase PRO 12 in native mode…same situation as another users mentioned, blue LED just blinking. Steinberg, do we have any news about this issue, please? Without my C121 I am almost without hand. THX for answer.