Changing durations of tuplets

Changing durations of tuplets in Insert mode leads to strange results. The notes duration are changed, but are no longer equal length, and the tuplet span remains unchanged. I’m attaching a file where I have changed the quintuplet durations to eight notes in bar 4 and the triplet durations to eight notes in bar 8.

The only solution seems to be first to remove the tuplet, then change durations and retuplify. Not a big deal, but I wanted to check if I’ve missed something.

I discovered this when trying to change the notated durations of a whole piece, finding that this is not possible when the piece contains tuplets, since all the tuplets span remains unchanged.
Tuplet (301 KB)

You haven’t missed anything, except the threads where this has previously been discussed. The developers intend to come back and fix this, but for now this doesn’t work properly on tuplets - you’ll need to do it manually.

I’ve searched (again:) but couldn’t find anything definite from the developers on this. Could anyone from Steinberg chime in to confirm if there are plans to change tuplets so in stead of having a fixed duration to follow the duration of the notes spanned by the tuplet? This is the logical behaviour as I see it, but there could of course be reasons not to that I haven’t thought about.

I realise that these threads are old, but do they not answer your question? There’s nothing in the Version History to indicate that any work has been done on tuplets in this specific area.

I can confirm that tuplets remain unchanged when you change the duration of notes. We’d certainly like to improve that in future, at least for obvious cases (halve/double duration), but it’s a bit more involved than it appears on the surface.