Clarinet range HSO

Will Steinberg update HSO Orchestra for Dorico pro 5 with extended Clarinet range high C for the advanced performer. Some of my clarinet etudes and classic composer Spore goes to high C.

Here’s HSO Clarinet, going to the G an octave above the Treble staff.

Here’s Iconica Sketch, which goes to the F, 3 ledger lines above the Treble staff.

Are you wanting the C above that – 3 octaves above Middle C…?

It’s impossible to “record new notes” for a sample instrument – you’ll never match the exact conditions. And expensive.

You’ll have to use “Warm Clarinet Solo NoteExp”, or some other instrument from another library.

some library players like Sine or Synchron do allow you to stretch the playable range of an instrument even without specific samples so if you use extreme ranges, they are probably a good place to look (and VSL tend to actually sample fairly generous ranges compared to many others). Or use NotePerfomer which is largely modelled.

I’m afraid with the others, like Halion, you’re stuck. As @benwiggy says, the last thing Steinberg is going to do is go and record new samples for an elderly library.

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Thank you all. I’ll do more research and find the vst3 I need for Dorico.

I have a related question about this. I wrote something for clarinet which has a concert high Ab (Bb on clarinet, above the fourth ledger line above the staff). This note appears in red, which indicates the note is above the range of the instrument, but it is not. The “official” highest pitch on clarinet is high concert Bb, a whole step above the pitch I wrote (and it’s possible to play even higher). I’m not asking for the note to be reproduced in audio, I just want Dorico to know that it is not a mistake.

Hi Matthew – Welcome to the forum!

I usually turn off the red notes with {View > Note And Rest Colors > None} since I know the ranges. There are even two different shades of red, but both ranges are fixed (unless you define a new instrument).

I found adjusting clarinet ranges in instrument definitions clears up the red notes.

Great, thank you!

Woodwinds don’t really have a true maximum range as such. On the low end they’re physically limited by the fundamental length of the tube. On the high end though, a sufficiently skilled played can just hit higher and higher partials. Intonation gets increasingly dodgy, but that high you’re really writing for the timbre/melodic contour rather than actual pitch.

Yes, I know. Clarinet is my primary instrument.

It is my primary instrument as well. Love that altissimo range. I arrange for clarinet choirs.
Hadley :slight_smile: