Creating ties into second endings

How do I show a tie into the second ending?

Not automatically, I’m afraid – you can show an L.v. tie on the note in the 2nd ending, and adjust it graphically in Engrave mode to look like it points backwards.

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Thank you. I thought it might be something like that, but was not sure where to go to make the modification.

OK; I’ve done a few of those, but I now have a case where the note in the 2nd-time bar is already tied to another note in the following bar. Not surprisingly, I can’t add a fake reversed-LV to a tied note. Can anyone suggest a workaround, please? (This is for printing, not for playing.)

Could you post an image or a cut-down Dorico project to give us some more context on the problem?

Actually, I solved it – after a fashion! Here’s what I wanted:

The ‘ghost note’ is a hidden duplicate semibreve with a manipulated LV tie attached.