CTRL+Select (drag) bug when group editing is active

Hey there,
this one is bugging me for a while now:
when having tracks with group editing enabled, CTRL+Select (drag) often does not work properly.
Sometimes it does not selected/unselect at all, and sometimes only a part of the events are affected.
E.g. SHIFT+Select never had a problem.

Here a video which shows the issue. I hold down CTRL all the time when selecting the events:

Steps to reproduce:

  • add some tracks and record some audio events
  • enable group editing
  • try to ctrl+drag select the events multiple times
  • more often than not, they do not get selected/deselected

If you want you can use this project to try it out:

This falls straight into the “bizarre” category.
When two groups are caught in the selection, they will only get selected when the selection box starts or ends on odd tracks within the folder. If it starts or ends on an even track, the corresponding group will be ignored. That’s exactly what your video shows, except you just randomly moved your mouse around without noticing… Luckily I’m here :sunglasses: :wink:

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Woah, how did you find out? :joy:
Nice job, I would have never noticed that myself lol

This is indeed really bizarre.

I tested it again on another project and while odd and even tracks seem to play a role, there must be going on something else as well, when there are sliced events.

In this video the first event basically never gets selected/deselected, while the other events do.

That’s a secret :slightly_smiling_face:

The odd/even order seems to be inverted when there are multiple events ?
Will check that later, and with 3 groups in the selection.

Mmh, not so sure, when selecting from an even track in my latest example, the selection does not work at all. :woozy_face:


I will be using “working” and “not working” terms when talking about Tracks, but that refers to “Selection working or not” when the Selection Box starts or ends on these tracks.
Again, the issue only occurs when Group Editing is active on the Folders, and the CTRL key must be held down during the selection.
The first two points only apply when two different groups are caught in the selection.

  • The working/not working order of the uppermost group within the selection box, is based on the number of tracks that are inside that Folder.
    If the number of tracks is odd (3/5/7 etc), it will start with the first one working, from top to bottom, as shown with the 3 tracks group on my previous post’s image.
    However, if the number of tracks is even (2/4/6 etc), it will start with the first one not working.
    If we phrase that differently, the last track of the upper group in the selection box is always working.

  • The working/not working order of the lowest group within the selection box is the opposite.
    The first track is always working, and it is the last one that will work or not, depending on the number of tracks in the group.

Click for animation

main bug

  • When there are 3 groups or more in the selection, the groups in the middle are ignored, they keep the state they had before.
Click for animation

3 groups

  • When using the selection box on a single group, if the number of tracks present in the selection box is even (2/4/6 etc), the selection will not work, and furthermore, the number of tracks in the group (working order) is no longer relevant.
Click for animation

single group

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I failed to reproduce that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I can confirm this issue.

@Louis_R Just to avoid double work, do you usually report the stuff listed on your bug wiki to Steinberg Support? If not, I can report some of the things I can reproduce.


@Romantique_Tp Sure, I’ll send you a PM :wink:

I’ve reported this one. Busy week.

Thanks for investigating this issue.

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Thank you very much for your support, much appreciated!

Did you receive notice of a 'CAN - ’ ID number back from Steinberg, confirming entry in their Issue Tracker database.? Not at my machine to check if its been fixed yet.

PS:- there’s another issue reported in this area (folder Group Editing); this time with incorrect lanes/takes when editing multi-track drums.
Group Editing Incorrect Lane Problem - Cubase - Steinberg Forums