Cubase 10.0.10 Maintenance Update & Trial availability


Thanks Steinberg for the update before the holidays! Also, thank you for NOT FORCING us to use the download assistant for the update. I noticed that you placed the update in the usual spot on the website too along with the release notes PDF file… please continue to do this! Much appreciated!

I know you want to transition to the download assistant, but sometimes it is much more convenient to use the old website links, so thank you for providing it both ways.

You still haven’t fixed the maximized window issue… what a joke.

Thank you very much for the update, dear Team Steinberg=)

-Haven’t had the chance to check it out yet (since I am writing this post) but will soon=)

-> I also encountered the above install error… “shock” :stuck_out_tongue:

The solution Thomas has come up with works perfectly. I too have removed components I do not need from cubase (makes cubase start up muuch faster;) )
-> The install completed successfully as soon as I “unpacked” them again from the “BAK” rarfile I made, into the components folder.

following components were removed because I had no use for them at this time ->( I had to put them back into the folder for the update to work:

-> Thanks again for everthing, everybody. =)

Wishing you all the best. =)

Still crashing 9.5 projects.

+100000000 to this.

Thanks uarte… I was just about to make a comment on the download assistant thingy… Feels forced.

Audio Alignment is still not working.
When I do a process, it changes to nothing or a completely different beat.
Sometimes It does not even detect the waveform.
(I tested it with two 10-second vocal doubling tracks.)

It would be good if we could see before/after view of your actual audio Waveforms…?

It is good that Steinberg is listening to us, users. It would be nice though if the track selection bug
will be adressed in the next C 10 Bugfix Release.
By the way, the same bug is in Nuendo 8.3.1 as well.

Still instant crash on loading McDsp.


Thank you for the update, but the installer crashes right after the initial unpacking window dismissed. I get this error dialog.
No, there’s no other GUIs on the screen other than this error popup at this point.

Windows 7 SP1 64 (sync’ed to the last month Windows Update), 32GB RAM, all SSD
Core i7-3770K, RME UCX
Cubase 10.0.10 Installer Crash.png

I have purchased the update to 10.0.10 from 9.5. Havind now run the installer it reports that various components are now updated but that Cubase 10 is not installed, and it does not offer an install option. Am I missing something here?

Did you download the full installer or only the update?

I downloaded Just the update priced at £68 uk pounds

You paid to “update” from 9.5 to 10. You need to do a full install of 10 and then the “update” to 10.0.10.

Thanks for NOT fixing audio import preview. I didn’t know I like suffering so much, thank you!

Values are still impossible to see in list editor (right side of window). very hard to work with…


Thanks for the replies Pliktro and Kelp. Makes sense now you point it out. I now feel stupid :confused:

I am surprised by these shy requests and gratitude for the amendments. In the end, the company that issued the wrong product should apologize to the customers and inform them of the repair. They take money for it, they do not act charitably.