Cubase 10.0.10 Maintenance Update & Trial availability

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The Cubase 10.0.10 maintenance update for the whole Cubase family is now available in the Steinberg Download Assistant. If you haven’t updated yet and you would like to try it first, the Cubase Pro and Elements trials are now available on the product pages as well.

The update addresses several issues related to the window handling and the workspaces behaviour. Additionally more than 20 issues have been resolved in several areas of the application. Please have a look at the version history for all details.

Some of the workflow changes that have been introduced in Cubase 10 have been intensively discussed in the forum. There are no changes in this maintenance update yet for the color tool, the color panel and the right-click context menu, but we are working on it and there will be improvements in this regard in a future update. Two improvements could already be implemented in this update: The “add track” workflow is back to a single click and the “file path” behaviour in the Audio Export dialogue has been adjusted.

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Many thanks for the quick update, EQ graphics now showing up in mixer panel without having to pass the pointer over them to see them. Glad to see the metronome back on the transport bar plus all the other fixes. Nice Christmas present :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

From what I have test already in 10.0.10… looks more stable…
Snapshot, HiDPI working as expected,
just in the HiDPI there is still the problem with all the plugins (that are not native of cubase)
to be shown as tiny…

Latency monitor still is not showing the text as expected in the mixer window!
(@ 4K Monitor - 175% / Window 10)

So I am trying to dedicate some time here to see how DOP is behaving…

Pitch ENV on - or + semitone looks that are back to normal…
without a problem of length of the audio file… with the time correction OFF … is working as expected!


When you have to deal with excerpts there is a problem still…

When you make some excerpts of a long audio recording, let’s say 1/16 (size 1/32) …
if you pitch up 128 excerpts or 257 excerpts … without time correction… the pitch up is working as expected…
BUT if you pitch down is NOT!
Only until 50 excerpts is working … more than 50 excerpts the length is not changing …

And ALSO the UNDO function is pretty slow …
Check images!
(The Top AUDIO Track showing the excerpts original length size)

Downloaded Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.10 Update throug Steinberg Download Assistant. When running the file I get an error on the Cubase update part, see attached picture.


It’s good they have bought out a maintenance update quickly before Christmas. I was excited at first but it seems the following issue has not been resolved yet, which I would have hoped would be high priority given that it causes the program to crash: The issue is also talked about and probably also the main cause of this issue: I hope this will be fixed in the next maintenance update?

At last! :slight_smile: All well for me (for the moment). Just one thing I was waiting: I would like to can change the track icon in several tracks together, like I can do in Cubase 9 and 9.5. Now a lot of time is lost with this.

Elements 10 still not saving layout.

Take a look at this topic. Maybe some help…

I find that if I install from the same location I never have this issue. But, it looks like if you remove some files from the CB folder (like core components) updates sometimes are messed up and you have to find that .msi file in the full installer and (apparently) hit repair which will reinstall missing files.

BTW… Thank you Steinberg for the update. It installed and is running without issue. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Matthias, haven´t got 10 yet, but wanted to ask you seeing there are workspaces improvements, do you know if the workspaces still save zoom and timeline position?, or now it works only saving windows locations and sizes, etc

Thank you,
I had some of the components removed from the folder to not have them loaded. I just moved them back and rerun the installation without problem. Never had this problem before :confused: .


Metronome is back in floating transport. YEAH! Unfortunately the key command for tools pop up is still showing up empty.

The racks are gone from the mixer! I can not seem to get them visible. On mixer 2 it is as normal.
Somebody else has this problem?

GUI colours keep resetting on starting the application. I’m on a mac.

EDIT: this is certainly a new bug, nothing seems to fix this.

May be thereis someting wrong in the cubase update for windows. It only downloads a 306MB file. Mac release has the right size.
The windows update file seems not to be the right file.

Great stuff :smiley:
Nice to see the maintenance update as an early Christmas present :smiley:

So,I downloaded the update,it seems a lot quicker than before (or maybe I hadn’t noticed it before he,he)
Not noticed all the improvements so far (I have read the changes.

But I had noticed the improvement in Expression maps,a dialogue box opens now,ands you can expand or collapse the tree.
This is a great idea,since I’m starting to program my own midi expression maps,and plan to have a fairly big collection sometime (now I know how they work) :smiley:

Nice work thanks Matthias and the team at Steinberg

Please bring it back like it was in Cubase 9.5! :_(

Cubase 9.5 -

And now in C10 -

Glad you figured it out and it is exactly why I posted this feature request. Pulling files from the CB components folder to disable features will most times goof up updates unless you return those files prior to updating.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the update!

Loving the new expression maps popup, but after switching it a couple of times, it looks all messed up.
See image below.

Thanks for the new update! :smiley:

Seems like there’s a performance boost on the mac? I just tried opening 3-4 big projects - and now there’s a small improvement in the asio meter…did anyone else notice this?

Yes I notice this
OSX 10.11.6