Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

Hi all,

There is a new “Cubase 10 Feedback Survey” available along with the C10 release. Please participate as soon as you have updated to C10 and got familiar with the improvements.

Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

Your feedback helps us tremendously to improve Cubase in your interest. It will only take 5 minutes of your time.


Completed! :smiley:


I love it

Are there really any performance improvements?

I would recommend there be an option to pay in U. S. dollars for the upgrade. Seems like currency exchanges are rounded up in $50 increments

Seems that way to me too. $99 US is NOT $150 CAN!!

Very Nice. The features are nice and it looks nice but most importantly, it has been running super smoothly on my system.

What sort of feedback should we be giving? How detailed? I really want to see devs in the forums more and able to talk to them directly… There really isn’t so many of us that it would be hard to handle and I think Steinberg does need to diversify their beta tester pool because they do make changes without realizing how some people work.

The colour tool for instance I will give example:

I was working on a snare sample “project” in Cubase, in which I was also testing my hardware processors and creating additional samples based off the one - excessive compression settings and eq settings to see what ‘useable’ mixing effects I could obtain. Anyways, as one can imagine - I ended up with ALOT of printed events that I organized into folders and subfolders and subfolders and I also used colour coding to visually group external hardware process batch revisions, similar settings, favorite picks, etc, etc.

The colour tool was actually indispensable in this work flow and this is why - I would reuse a lot of the same colours, and nothing was quicker than hotkey selecting the colour tool, alt modifier to sample a colour on another event, and then reapply it to another or multiple events. Each time I want to do this now, I have to open the colour menu. :astonished: :confused: :blush:

I would imagine, anyone else who has projects or jobs with a very high number of separate events (even more than pop production) that are systemically organized, would also use the colour tool this way. It’s even difficult figure out exactly which colour I used previously as some are %15 shades of similar colour. Film/Postproduction, sample creating, audio forensics, commercial audio applications like cell phone soundbanks, etc, etc, I would imagine would all have a use for this tool.

So this change actually detrimentally slowed down this workflow.

Why the new single-row floating Transport Panel is missing some sections, for example the “Click & Count-In & Click Pattern” section?

Since the floating Transport Panel is an “always on top” window, I was happy it’s now possible to open any Lower Zone Midi editor in a freely resizable separate window (arrow icon button “Open in Separate Window”) and use the new floating Transport panel buttons (superimposed to the “normal” ones) to start play, record, stop etc., and so avoiding that the editor gets hidden by the Main Project Window. But why the missing sections?

I find that sort of things (i.e. features missing on new versions, that will never be restored) quite irritating.

It is true. I also paid 150 CAD. It’s not honest.

Also paid $150 cad… I’ll take a credit towards Halion 6 or GA5 :smiley:

I’m not entirely sure but perhaps there’s different tax involved and the 150 Canadian price. It would be good if Steinberg would address this with us and explain why the Canadian price is more than the conversion from 99 American.

The Canadian price is simply the Euro price converted into $CAD. The US has its own store due to the size of their market, so their pricing is different.

You consider us Europeans not North Americans? Many Canadians might actually be okay with that right now :laughing:

It would be great if we could attach pictures in next feedback survey, I really think the new export window could use some refinement. That amount of complex text in a tight space, white on dark background, and then you have the Cubase DAW dark with bright events/objects behind that is very disorienting on the eyes. The arrangement of panels is also not logical for anyone who uses the full features of the export window.

Inverted colours:

panel re-arrangement:

More in depth user discussion:


So why then, if I go to purchase, is my upgrade price shown as $99 US and not shown as so many Euros? Also, it’s been standard for most companies to show Canadians the price of their products in US dollars not Euros. It’s deceptive to show a $99 price then tell us oh, by the way, it’s not $99 US at all, it’s what we consider to be the price in Euros. I suggest the price should be about $132, based on the price shown in US dollars.

Thanks for the clarification.
It’s a bit rubbish for Canadians to not to be offered the US price equivalent.

I love the improvements overall and especially Vari audio, VST on the right area and the dragging feature. Smooth new GUI.
It’s quicker and it just helps to not lose time and ideas, this is very important.

The price when you go to purchase is posted as 99.00 Euro not US
Therefore the 99.00 Euro comes to 150.00 Canadian funds

Really appreciate giving us the opportunity for some feedback. Thanks, Steinberg!