Cubase 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

I had a strong suspicion that was going to the be case - some very cagey and carefully worded replies from SB staff on this forum.

Very annoying…and I suspect very unpopular. That was no.1 on my fix list.

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I am also very disappointed about that. I am wondering whether they have lost track of what their Eucon implementation does and what it not does. The missing documentation for it might be a hint in that direction.
Hm… sigh.


Maybe the new remote controller API thing will take care of it ? :crossed_fingers:

Hm, honestly speaking I am rather afraid that this will be the new grail and neglecting other controllers (and protocols) like Eucon will even increase. I HOPE I AM WRONG…


Hi, i received the update of C11, but it seems that the problem with “clean recent projects from HUB” is still there…Can you please help with a fix of this bug? Using MacOS Catalina, latest update. Thank you


Hello @Matthias_Quellmann,
Nice update! :slight_smile: Thank you for the hard work!
Still the HiDPI issue isn’t fixed:

I really hope to see it fixed in the next update! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

So what exactly has been fixed in the Eucon adapter then? If anything has been fixed will that adapter be available for earlier Cubase releases?

i’m verry happy for it… but still cannot remove from recent list on the steinberg hub :expressionless:




Big Thanks… :+1: :+1: :+1: :blush:

For me that does not work in 11.0.0 so is it a new issue?

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This update solved about 95% of any issues i was having with ELEMENTS 11.
Fantastic update!
Many thanks STEINBERG.

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You still forgoten to fix the “right click" tool bar, still not highlighting the tools when moving the mouse from left to right or right to left.

I wish I knew.
I just can repeat my begging to Matthias: Please give us precise information about what is improved concerning EUCON.
It is really remarkable in a bad sense that on one hand we get detailled lists of things that have been repaired or added and for EUCON we are blinded by vague statements. I am sorry to say that, but that is a shame.

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Agreed. I’ve had trouble with that as well. I’ve opened up the Steinberg Assistant and there was a list of like 30 packages of which most probably haven’t been updated. It’s hard to figure out what to install. A “Modified Date” would be very helpful in my opinion.

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Hello. After the Cubase 11 pro update, the Squasher plugin disappeared. Help me please.

in Cubase 11.0.0 everything works fine. It is a new issue

Thank you for the updates! We need them all! But I’m still waiting for the simplest function - the return of the STOP button to the START position when pressed twice. A whole post about it was written, a lot of people supported me.