Cubase 11.0.40 maintenance update

Actually, there is also an announcement about the update in that forum. :wink:

Yes, the new licensing must have taken a lot of resources. Not only from the Cubase team, I read parts of the Dorico team have been involved in this, and who knows who else.

On the other hand, skipping the dongle is a major feature itself in terms of usability and mobility for some types of Cubase users (like laptop users, travelers and so on).

Don’t know if the new licensing is ready at the next release, but it has taken resources working on it anyway.

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There’s also no announcement for WaveLab 11 in Announcements.

It’s not? For me it’s visible with “all-tags” selected. There are quite a few pinned topics, though, that precede the unpinned ones, like the Cubase announcement.
WaveLab 11 has indeed not been announced there yet.

There is no excuse, Steinberg is not a small company, and we are not starting the Covid era, they have 4 programmers to do everything? current version of Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico, Cubasis, halion, libraries, in addition to the new products that will come … I don’t know, I’m not convinced. They will tell me that Cubase is a very complex DAW, blah, blah (which I have more than assumed and admit), I don’t mind paying, I don’t mind waiting but, as a consumer, I demand that things be done as well as possible. In my case, for what I use Cubase it satisfies me, there are things that I can live with, but I put myself in the shoes of those users whose favorite software is full of errors that at the time have been good, and now they are not …in short, getting angry leads nowhere. so to continue enjoying this wonderful software (and it is not ironic, of course I will continue using cubase)

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Yes, you’re right.
I found it, needed to scroll down several screens, so many pinned topics above…

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Sorry for the delay. I don’t have Dorico, but Wavelab 9.5 & Halion 6 are still showing, under their corresponding Drop-Down menus here, yes.
Nothing seems to have vanished.
Sorry if I mis-understood the question …?

Download it, but did not had any time to use it yet. Cubase 11.0.30 was already pretty stable on Apple M1 except a few crashes because of 2-3 third party plugin manufacturers. Personally can’t wait for the native M1 version with no dongle!!!

I would expect to have all my product purchases listed up under “My products”, but “Cubase Pro 11 Update” is the only one there. Why is all my products not listed? Isn’t that a natural expectation to have? I have Dorico 3.5, Halion 6, Groove agent 5 and a lot of sounds/loops.


Very satisified! not sure people sometimes gauge the work that it is to provide that amount of fixes in a patch like they just did.

I am a musician & a developer too, and as such is certainly very respectful and grateful of that great maintenance update.

It is working great here, thanks for the hard work Steinberg!


That My Products tab is a brand new and much requested element in the Download Assistant. Clearly they haven’t got it all sorted out yet, but I’m sure they will. A month ago that tab didn’t exist. The Download Assistant can still be used exactly like you would have used it a month ago. Just ignore the tab until they get it working right. You can still download anything you own.


You can "un"pin them. Just click/tap on the pin …

I’m very pleased with this version. Been working with it all night and its been really great. I think think they did a fine job of fixing things and not putting in new features. At least on my Macbook Pro i9 running Catalina 10.15.7.

They even can’t manage it that a download manager can download a simple Cubase exe file without cryptic java exceptions and errors.
I had to use the direct download link.


I have the same problem! I have absolute 3 instead of 4 and many missing products!

that I ask myself every time when I find something here by accident

BTW, I’m sure I’ve read that the dongle will remain - nothing changes there, if you wish. All existing product will continue to work for you, exactly as it does now. The new licensing system is being designed to bring further options to choose from, as to how they’re used.

Moving forward, all new product releases will adopt the new system by default.

Yes - good points; maybe a phased roll-out will be wise… :wink: In which case, I’d take a guess at Dorico being first out the door…

Took about three yearsbut hey…it’s fixed now​:wink::wink::wink: