Cubase 11 HiDPI issue (150% DPI)

Hi Guys.
I hoped for the crystal clear picture on HiDPI now on 4K displays with the new 150% scaling, but this is happening to me :frowning:(((( The grid doesn’t meet the scaling, so the lines are distorted (on anything, instruments, tracks) and some are not. And when I am scrolling thru project window, you can see the inconsistency. It is very annoying. Like there is ghosting. Even on pictures inside the plugins.

see the video.

btw. I hoped, that I can set the DPI scaling inside the cubase/nuendo. Like windows is 150% and I wanna have 175% in cubase. But is not possible :frowning:(( I am sad again. I waited for that for about 3,5 years to have nice HiDPI graphics and free scaling inside the cubase/nuendo, even on 4K displays. Paid for the upgrade again. But this is just bad ://

125% Windows scaling working really fine here so far: I have the best Cubase screen sight ever on my HiRes monitors.

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Jim. Have you seen my attached picture? (and the video)

Btw. I have also nuendo 10,3 and there is not that problem. Yes the plugins are off the frame sometimes on HiDPI, but the UI, graphics and lines are 100% consistent (150% dpi in windows on 4K screen). No ghosting etc.

Wouldn’t it be easier at this point to just buy a new monitor? :joy:

After download, I only looked at the empty surface and checked how plugins UIs look: that all looks fine here so far.

But when I loaded a project now, I saw the same different/blurred white border lines as you have them in your photo. That’s definitely something they still have to work on. It seems to occur while zooming in an out, in some zoom stages, and is only a slight irritation to me.

While I definitely dislike that, I can much better work with the present state of things than with what we had before, when I only had the choice between eye strain or massive space waste (or no Hidpi at all).

Are you serious with your sarcastic laugh? Btw. the attached picture is NOT FROM A MONITOR, but a printscreen from graphics renderer. This has nothing to do, with the monitor. Btw. I have new Eizo, costed me 2500 bucks + second one BENQ SW320 (2000USD ), third one SAMSUNG U32J590… I don’t think, that problem is on my side. Btw. only Cubase is causing this issue. Every monitors acts the same with this issue.

Buying expensive new hardware, just because the software doesn’t do a proper job?
And what kind of monitor would that be? Certainly no 27’’ HiRes monitor. But who in the world would want to downgrade from the excellent screen of HiRes monitors, enjoying them all the time for everything you do on the computer, for the sake of a halfbaked Cubase HiDPI??? Or who in the world would want a giant screen, where you have to turn your neck all the time, all the more wearing glasses?

The ONLY acceptable way is well working HiRes software.

similar issue here with 125% scaling

I can not understand it, how they do their testing (alfa, beta). I offered them my testing services so many times. This is so obvious problem. How is possible, they go out with such an issue - and calling it better scaling. I cannot get it. I paid so much money (even I have nuendo 10.3 already) to finaly work on proper HiDPI system, so I bought Cubase11 for a big money and it is even worse, than before :frowning:(((((( I am so sad. And Steinberg’s support just sucks. I think we can await a fix in ther version 12 … if ever… meeh :frowning:((

It was a joke :wink:

I have a 3K widescreen monitor (3440x1440 ). It works brilliantly with Cubase.

Found my first problem with HiDPi, (Widows scale 125%). When you drag a sample from the MediaBay into the Sampler Control window, the project window “jumps” into a separate window. With Windows 100%, it’s okay.
There are two options: either my system or a broken HiDPi.

Windows 10 20H2

When It didn’t work I left it on 125% (=100% in Cubase) as 150% was too much.
rn, 125% looks absolutely perfect. I won’t even bother 150%

One thing to test is in the Compatibility setting (right click)>Change HiDpi settings,
Try overriding the application or OS (either or) and see if that helps or hurts.

Can someone test a Bug I have had with HiDPI from day 1 which is one of the reasons I never use it

use any highdpi mode, then load a sample into your sequencer, then select anywhere in the sample and use the ALT modifier to cut the sample at the mouse pointer… for me in HiDPI mode this works about 20% of the time, and the other 80% it makes a copy of the sample (as if you were alt + dragging the sample)

would be cool if someone could test also to see if it’s just a problem with my setup or not, as i’m sure someone else would have noticed by now if not

doesn´t work


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Missed the joking completely. I mean, we are talking about dead serious display issues :slight_smile:

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